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MrsS2010 Posts: 336 Registered: 5/25/09
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Apr 15, 2010 1:41 PM
Just watching Idol right now.

I never cease to hope that Ryan falls down those stairs. How lame with his "WASSAAAAP WASSAAAAP WASSAAAAP" to the front row girls. How do you guys feel about Adam being the mentor? I dont think hes comparable to Elvis but he IS original and I think hes got a good career ahead of him. But I do have to say I can handle the eyeliner and all that but not the berry lipstick....ugh.

I loooved Crystal shes one of my favs and I think she should win just because she has such an original and distinctive style and we need that in a winner! Its like CArrie Underwood with country - we need originality in the winner!! But man what a powerful voice.

Andrew - well I cant help but always remember what Kelley said about him once - the loaf of bread with glasses lol. It always comes to mind randomly when I look at him lol. Thanks kelley. Well I was kinda sitting there watching his performance wishing it would go up in tempo. I think he might be in trouble unfortunately - I like him though!

Tim - hes not going to win but I like what Adam had him change in the song - the ending - defenitelly the right touch to the whole piece. Too bad Tim didnt take it. Hes just not going to win.

Lee - Adam was right on with his suggestion here too. I always forget about Lee as soon as hes off the camera and he really does have a great voice!! I love the slight raspiness in his voice and I loved his arrangement and he did seem to enjoy being up on stage this week which was nice to see.

Aaron - he actually had some good moments! I liked the arrangement and I liked when he did his growling thing but when he was swinging his skinny little hips I felt a little awkward lol. I think if he got into it with his body language and facial expression a little bit more it would have influenced his sound a bit more. He wont win either though.

Siobhan - I love her but for some reason I didnt like the song for her. She had a nice moment or two but I didnt like the beginning. I think she should ignore the judges suggestions to hold back because I absolutely love when she gets all into it the way shes known best for. It makes me mad when Simon said that he thinks shes lost her confidence and who she is because if it wasnt for them and their contradictory critique then half of these contestants, including her, would be doing a lot better. Im glad she said something about it though.

Michael - I LOVE his voice. I didnt really notice him in the beginning of the show but hes defenitely grown on me big time. He kept it simple but he threw in a falsetto and didnt take away from the song it was great. I wouldnt complain if he would win.

Katie - another example of the judges ruining her. So she sang to them about it lol. Good girl. I think she did a great job but Im wondering if its too late. I love Ellens comment haha - its a very horny song.......a lot of horns in it!!

Casey - Ryan should just announce the next singer and not possibly get them all messed up but being an idiot flirting with the underage little girls He did good I thought. I kinda just have nothing for him and Im not sure if thats good or bad....

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