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cyndi33 Posts: 2,585 Registered: 1/3/07
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Mar 17, 2010 8:28 PM
ok, Kelley. NO we have NOT watched House yet, but now I know he (house I"m guessing) bought Wilson a piano?? hahaha. I LOVE this show.

Siobhan, it's weird with me with her. I love her attitude too. I mean, she is TOTALLY unflappable. TOTALLY. Like, Jason from last yer, unflappable. Is she stoned too?

I loved paint it black, and loved the note and her version and her, all of it. I want her, crystal,and casey, lee or mike. (undecided on the guys) in top 3, but want her and crystal top 2. NOT gonna happen, though, there has never been two women has there? And all those pre teen/young teen girls voting non stop ruin it!

Crystal's quote to SImon was awesome. I think HE liked it too.

And Seacrest? ya, annoying as usual.

I skipped over your biggest loser stuff. We have that DVR'd but are WAY behind. Also, does anyone know the show, new show, with ray romano? I wanted to watch it, but don't remember the name OR the network it's on. Might not be abc, cbs or nbc, might be a cable channel? Anyway, if anyone knows I'd love to know if its worth watching. We always get WAY behind and then don't end up watching. but I figured if he's in it, probably funny.

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