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kelleyiskelley Posts: 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Mar 17, 2010 6:22 PM

Rolling Stones Week. I dont like the themes, I usually think they are terrible. This one wasnt SO bad, and thank god noone chose to sing Satisfaction, cuz if I hear that song one more time on Idol I might have to commit a senseless murder.

Seacrest was in rare douchebag form last night. Seriously. Going up to the judges table and saying all that weird shit to Simon? What a tool!!!! Go and do your damn job, which is HOSTING the show, you are not a judge and noone cares about your insights. Honestly he drives me insane. If they took out hal the annoying banter he does with EVERY contestant and with Simon, the show could be 20minutes shorter.

Oh, and MisterKelley and I were rreally getting annoyed at the whole "waving of the arms" thing during all ballods. So phony and annoying, you know thats choreographed and they seat those dumb preteens in the front and tell themn to wave and act all exited. Bleh.

Anyway, the performances.....

MICHAEL: Miss You. Good song for him, liked it a lot, like him a lot. Definately my favorite of the men, and I hope hes in the top 3. I think a great final would be him, Sioban, and Crystal.

DIDI: Playin with Fire. One of my fave Stones songs, still think shes got a beautiful voice and thought it was nice, honest, just nothing too special. She will probably end up giong home soon just because shes in the bottom alll the time.

CASEY: Its All Over Now. Loved the guitar, hated his fiery shirt. Good rockin song for him, liked it a lot, and Ellens joke about her being "blonde" was really funny.

LACEY: Ruby Tuesday. She still annoys me. Why does this girl always pick songs I love and then proceed to ruin them forever? Offkey. Annoying. I really would like her to go home.

ANDREW: He looks like a walking loaf of bread with glasses. Love Gimme Shelter and his version was just okay. dint hate, didnt love.

KATE: I feel like Im watching a Beauty Pagent contestant when she sings. She bores me and nothing about her feels real or soulful. Eh.

TIM: WTF? This was like a bad raggae number on a cheap tacky boat. Give me another drink so I dont have to listen to him anymore. Youre not Bob Marley dude. Nice try though.

SIOBAN: Paint it Black. Another fave Stones song of mine. I know everyone thought she was the best of the night and I DO really like her, but I didnt love this. I felt like she was trying to recreate the high-note scream thing from last week and it just felt forced and too long and kind of screachy to me and out of nowhere ... the song was okay, jsut wasnt blown away like apparentlty others were. Love HER, just not this performance.

LEE: Beast of Burden. Loooove this song. Ill give it about a B+. Wanted it to be more rockin than it was, but great choice for him and he did well with it.

PAIGE: She did well, huge improvement from last time, but it may be too late. Great voice though.

AARON: Ick ick ick ick. He looks like an 8 yr old and if I was ANGIE I would throw myself off a bridge to not listen to him sing. Bleh.

CRYSTAL: I still think she was the best of the night. And I loved how she stood up for herself when SImon said dont think youve got this in the bag and she replied "I have nevr once thought that...but Im glad to see you do SImon." Heh Heh, I love this girl. And yes, they definately fixed her teeth.

HOUSE: I wont give away the shocking ending with this patient and what was wrong with her in case Cyndi or others havent seen it yet, but wow. I did NOT expect it to be THAT. And I was guessing stuff too, like I usually do lol. Great episode. Again, loved the Wilson House stuff with the furniture, and how he bought him the piano, and loooved the stuff about whats his face and his wife and how that all ended with him walking away with one of the nurses or doctors....hmmm...

BIGGEST LOSER: Okay they got me this week. I actually cried. I cried at the weigh-in when Sam hugged his brother? I think its his brother or cousin, who finally reached the 100lb mark and under 300. Cried when Michael talked about his grandmother while on the scale, and cried at the very end with Sherry paddling that damn kayak boat and looking great nad missing her dead husband. So yeah ... you got me. Good episode. Oh and I cried when Sunshine lost 9 pounds and her damn emotional dad cried ... again lol.

Anyone seen the new show Parenthood? Just curious if its any good. I watch way too much TV as it is, but it looks good.

Pinky, and whoevr else, SOUTH PARK starts tonight. Its about Tiger Woods lol.

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