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kelleyiskelley Posts: 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Mar 5, 2010 10:01 PM
AMERICAN IDOL REVIEW (even though noone is here and noone read my first one, oh well, people never come in here anymore, well, not a lot of people anyway....)

The Men:

Michael: James Brown song kicked ass. He is really good and one of my favorite men. Smooth great voice. Great song, perfect choice.

John Park: Yawn. Even his white tshirt is boring. No soul. Flat sounding. Hes such a bore.

Casey James: Loved the electric guitar, love HIM, this particular song was average, not great.

Alex Lambert: Hes likeable and quirky, like guitar, his dorky outfit works for him. I dont think hes got the best voice on earth, but I always wanna hug him and give him some milk and cookies.

Toddrick: Why does he pick female songs that are awful for him? Bad arrangement, silly.

Jermaine Sellers: Whats with the bowtie and polkadots? Didnt like, all over the place. He just doe nothing for me. Could Randys review make less sense? Dude..oh I"

Andrew Garcia: I dont understand his song choices. I want to root for him but its tough.

Aaron Kelly: The song My Girl annoys me to death, and he annoys me. Hes like this seasons Archuletta and for that reason, I hate him and want him to go away. Hes like a baby.

Tim Urban: He looks like Peter Brady and cant really sing. Quirky, but not enough talent to back up the weirdness. Eh.

Lee Dewyze: pitch issues, but I LIKE HIM a lot. Great passion and stage presence, great performer, interesting voice.

FAVORITE GUYS are Michael, Casey, Lee.


Let me just say that FOR ME, the show this season is A. all about the girls, who totally outshine the boys, and B. is all about Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott. Both amazing unique put them on a cd NOW talents. Im in love with both of them, but Crystal is my favorite by a half step....
That being said, there is lots of talent in the top 10 girls.

Crystal: This Creedence song was perfection for her. BRILLIANT. already downloaded it. LOVE.

Hailey: Ick. I wanna pull that giant flower out of her head. So boring, forgot what she did already.

Katie: Really nice voice, cute, likeable, liked the song, just not amazing. She is better than what that song shows off, but it was good. Judges make no sense. "Be younger, be young...." what the hell do they want her to do , show up in a catholic schoolgirl skirt and sing Britney Spears?

Didi Benami: I love love love her voice and style, but fear she will be going home soon if she keeps choosing songs that are cliche and do nothing for her voice. Lean On Me? Really? Lame choice, and its like she couldnt decide which key to sing it in.

Michelle: Again with the bad song choice. Creed? NOT a good song for you. Its a guy singing to his little girl/daughter. Just a stupid choice. And again, shes good. If she picked good songs, she would show that more. Her choices suck.

LIlly Scott: LOOOOVED IT. Change Is Gonna Come, a favorite song of mine. Her voice just kicks all kinds of ass. So bluesy and powerful and soulful. Loved her dress too, guitar, all of it, the whole package. She rocks.

Katelyn: like that she played piano and like her talent, but I loathe Coldplay and therefore did not enjoy this performance that much. Thougth the song was totally forgettable.

Paige Miles: FANTASTIC vocals, she has a killer voice. Id like to see her do Patti LaBelles New Attitude or Mariahs Visionof Love. The K. Clarkson song was good though, I like her.

Sobban: That note she hit was pretty impressive. I like that Simon keeps calling her a strange little thing...she totally is. Very odd. Kind of like her though.

Lacey Brown: I always forget about her existence 2 seconds after shes done singing.

MY TOP PICKS: Crystal, Lilly, Paige, in that order.

WHO GOT THE BOOT: Michelle, Hailey, John ....forget who else, must have been pointless.

BIGGEST LOSER: Seriously, this weeks show was the most boring episode I think I have EVER seen, on any season, ever. I almost fell asleep. it was sooooooooooo lame. I just have ntohing to say exvept thank god stupid Miggy went home, I wanted to punch hr inthe face weekly.

I LOVE THE NEW SHOW THE MARRIAGE REF and wanna go on it wiht my husband lol.
So funny.

THE OFFICE was soooooo funny. Pam and Jim having their baby, and the part I laughed at the hardest was when Pam finally got the hang of the nursing and she was nursing the wrong baby LMAO!!!!! sooooo funny.

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