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kelleyiskelley Posts: 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Mar 1, 2010 7:23 PM
AMERICAN IDOL: (many days later, since the site was down and I didnt get a chance to write my usual review until now.)


FIrst off, Simon needs to start starting all his sentences with "if Im being honest...." Yes we know youre being honest. No need to say it. And Seacrest is a douche. Does he REALLY need to make a comment or have pointless drivel/banter with EVERY Contestant after each song, and give his opinion on everything and insult the judges advice? Shut up. Youre the host, noone cares what you think. I fast forward thru him and he STILL annoys me. Go get a fake tan or something. And lastly, why does Ellen look like Spok? Who did her hair, Black and Decker? Horrible.

Paige Miles: sang Its Alright Now. Shes definately got a good voice, I didnt like the song choice at all though. Could her belt have been any bigger? 1984 is calling.

Ashly Rodriguez: Happy. Weirdass song, kind of all over the place. She looked like a martian in that outfit, like she was from the future. Did nothing for me.

Janelle Wheeler: loved her in not so much. Heart song. Wrong for her, sounded VERY kareoke to me, this version was super cheesy and did not like it at all.

Lily Scott: Beatles, Fixin A Hole. Love the song, not great for her though. But quite simply, I really love her voice. This didnt totally work but I liked the risk , love her style, her vocals, and just her overall sound. Very talented.

Katelyn Epperly: Oh Darlin. Liked it. Nice quirky rhythms and phrasing with this song. Cool voice, thougth she did really well with it. Outfit was lame.

Hailey Vaughn: I Wanna Hold Your Hand. third Beatles song of the night. Personally to me it sounded like a trainwreck. Liked her in auditions...this song sounded like one big scream. Bad song choice, Im always afraid she will go off key, and she looked like a giant cotton ball in that silly outfit.

Lacey Brown: Landslide. UGH. Landslide is my alltime favorite song. Alltime. She ruined it. Blech. Butchered it. This is Stevie Nicks signature song and its sooo phenomenal with the harmonies and rections btween her and Lindsey Buckingham. I just couldnt get into this chick singing it with such little understanding of the beuaty of this song. Awful. And her hair is stupid.

Michelle Delamore: Fallen. GREAT voice. She is my husbands favorite. Well, let me clear this up. My husband thinks she is hot. lol. But she really does have a fantastic voice. Good song, but she didnt do much with it, just sounded like Alicia Keys. Still I like her, talented.

Didi Banami: AMAZING VOICE. I looove her. Cant believe she was in the bottom two. That voice belongs on a cd. Totally disagree with the judges, thought it was great. Hubs did too.

Sibon Magnus??? didnt catch her name lol. Did Wicked Game by Chris Isaaak, another favorite song of mine, her version sucked. Chris Isaak doing this song is soooo sexy ..... hers was lame and boring and lacked sex appeal. I do like her voice and her, just did not like this choice.

Crystal Bowersox: MY FAVORITE CONTESTANT. I really love this girl. Did Hand In Pocket, perfect choice for her. Love her and her guitar, harmonica, her voice, style, just all of it. I hope she goes far.

Katie Stevens: Feelin Good. GREAT song, not for her though. Sharp notes, and it felt old.

WENT HOME: Ashley and Janelle. Hmmm, not sure I agreed that theywere the two worst, but I dont have strong feelings about either one either, so whatever. My three fave girls are Crystal, Lily, and Didi.


Everyone was either A. boring and unmemorable or B. sucked ass EXCEPT for Casey Jones, or whatever his name is. Loved him. Did Bryan Adams, played guitar, hes so cute and adorable and I love his voice and style, and hes definately my favorite guy. I also like Michael and the dude with the glasses who plays guitar.... forgot his name again lol. Everyone else bored me and I forgot to write down specificcs. Two pointless people went home , I honestly dont even know their names. OH one was the guy who thought he was from 1974 and SUCKED... Tyler something. Sooo glad he went home, he annoyed me soooo much. Youre not Mick Jagger dude.... relax. the other dude who went home was so pointless I have no clue who he was.

THE BACHELOR: Tonights the night girls! Tonight he chooses Vienna lol. Cant wait to see the trainwreck that occurs. hopefully it wont disappoint.

The season finale of Men of a Certain Age was awesome. I really love that show and so does my husband, its one of the few we both watch together.

I think Seinfelds new show The Marriage Ref is hilarious.

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