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mrspinky Posts: 3,773 Registered: 3/14/08
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Feb 10, 2010 2:05 PM
Ellen wasn't THAT bad of judge. She kept the experience upbeat I thought. Lessened the drama they were trying to create. I'm surprised they got rid of almost half of the Day 1 people.
The guy (Andrew Garcia) that did the remake of Paula's song was MY FAVORITE. He got me singing that song AFTER the show was over. Very memorable and I thought it was a great compliment when Kara compared him to Adam's style. Not everyone likes him, but he's a great artist!
The girl that sang Kara's song had a GREAT voice and nice control. I'll be looking for her again. She just really sounded great and confident.
I also loved the rocker mom but I don't see her getting into the top 24.
I'm glad they cut the Jersey sisters before we were tortured with their voices again.
I was sad when they cut the country girl (Vanessa Wolfe)from TN who had never left her town before. BUT, she really didn't do good on stage. Poor girl.
Kinda surprised the Barney girl didn't make it but they didn't show her singing.
REALLY looking forward to group night tonight.

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