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kelleyiskelley Posts: 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: TV Thread!!! Discuss IDOL, DWTS, THE OFFICE, HOUSE,whatever....
Posted: Feb 3, 2010 8:28 PM
Okay, since it seems clear that most of you dont care about Bachelor Spoilers ... I will first post the actual blog address of where I got my information ...... this way you can all follow it too... and Im telling you, this guy is GOOD, and has been RIGHT ON about everything. He said before last nights episode that Corey would say shes a virgin, and that she would go home too... and I really think hes right about the ending ..... blog is called ....and now for the two big spoliers......


Okay. According to reality Steve, next week, right after Jake meets all the families of the four girls, Ali randomly decides she has to LEAVE THE SHOW because of something" work related' .... just like Ed last season. Really? He claims that she does NOT return like Ed did ... and that she is just gone and Jakes heart is broken etc... hence the clps of next week with him crying over the damn balcony again lol. So yeah... she leaves!!! Dont these peopel clear it with their jobs BEFORE coming on the show? Shes in advertising, shes not a brain surgeon, what could be so dire that she HAS to get back home NOW? I just dont get it. So , Ali is gone, and thats why there is no rose ceremony next week, because she leaves immediately.

And then ....Steve claims that the last two girls standing are Tenley and Vienna.........

And Jake picks Vienna.

He picks Vienna.

He is an idiot.

So yeah ...... its just a blog and could end differently, but as I siad, he has been right about evertything else and claims his source is from the inside somehow lol.

HOUSE: Did anyone else see Mondays episode? I loved it. It was sooo funny with all the pranks at their condo, and I loved the brothers plot with Foreman and his brother.... great episode.

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