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kelleyiskelley Posts: 11,590 Registered: 7/2/06
Re: THE MOVIE THREAD ( Fav quotes, Reviews, discussions, etc...)
Posted: Aug 8, 2009 1:21 PM
Mandy, havent seen Funny People yet, BUT, I know from some of my good friends who did that its a sort of different kind of Judd Apatow movie. Its both serious and funny. Its about comedians and the struggle to become famous, and what thats like, etc. So for someone like me, It will be really interesting to see it because its what I do. Its about 3 friends who live together as roommates and one of them, Sandlers character, has reached fame and the others havent and are struggling, and how that affects eveyone etc.... also Sandlers character has a rare form of cancer or blood diesease and its abotu how a funny person deals with something so seroius and life altering. They had Sandler, Jonah and Seth Rogan all go up onstage and do comedy at real clubs and then used that in the movie... so Im interested to see it. Yes, its abotu 2hours and 20minutes so its prtty long, but I did hear from my friends that they enjoyed it. Just dont expect the typical Apatow movie, I think this one has a bit more meat to it but still funny.

We just got our next Netflix movie, A Simple Plan with Billy Bob Thornton, watching it tonight. I sawparts of it years ago when it was on tv and I loved it. Its about these two brothers who find a dead body and a ton of cash and agree to keep it a secret and split it, and everything that transpires from that incident, and how greed and money changes people. Its really good and I remember loving it.

We watched ,through Netflix, the other night, Gone Baby Gone. Anyone seen that? I loooooved it. Oh my god. The ending was go good, I could talk about it for hours, if that was the right decision to make for the child, for the mother, for everyone! I love movies like that, you could totally see it and sympathize from each characters viewpoint and then you start getting into discussions about the moral judgement of each person etc. Great movie.

A movie I would totally recommend in the theatre is Away We Go. Such a sweet story and will make you laugh and cry. With Maya Rudolph and the guy who plays Jim from The Office....

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