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BriansBride2008 Posts: 814 Registered: 3/26/07
I am still alive just very wore out!!
Posted: Jul 31, 2009 6:24 PM
Hi ladies,

It has been awhile and I sure have missed talking to you all on a daily basis. There has been so much happening where do I start.... Ok ok I will start with the good...

DH has been offered a new job with a better company making over double what he makes now. He is so excited and happy.

My son Cory will not be having brain surgery now at least for the time being, they have finally found a medicine that is working for him.

Ok now the sad bad and frustrating...

So s*****g was out on bail which you all know.. He was schedule toh ave his trial on June 22nd, but before that he had a pre trial hearing set for June 8th well he no showed for that, oh was I so angry, then he no showed for the trial... duh saw that coming.. so of course that was cancelled... they issure 3 felony warrants for his arrest, I knew where he was so I called the police in poedunk MO and they arressted him, Arkansas called MO and said hold him we are working on extradition paper work, well guess what they bonded him out for $500.... oh man I was seeing red....... It brought back so much anger that I have been working through with my therapist.... Well why we all sat on our hands because MO would not cooperate his dad fell really ill. He had already been told he had cancer, well then he has not been able to eat. So they did surgery and removed part of his gallbladder and large intestine, I have talked to him quite a bit through out this, and last week we found out he will not be with us much longer, they actually did not think he would make it throughout this week, but he is still hanging in there, my kids are extremely upset over this. They don't want there grandpa to die..... However durning all of this, I have stayed in touch with the DA and the bonds man in Arkansas and let them know that I have no doubt if he is still out of jail when his father passes he will run and they will not find him, so last Thursday I got a call that he is back in jail in Arkansas, his bail bondsmen arrested him at the hospital... THANK GOD!!!!! the judge had no bond on him then gave him a $500,000.00 bond.... and the new trial date is October 27th, but he gets to sit in jail until then because there is no one going to come up with that kind of money for him.....

So sad for my exFIL, very sad for my kids, but extremely happy that the evil one is where he deserves to be.

on another good note, I am less than 3 months away from competing for the title of Mrs Oregon America, I am excited about that. And with my title as Mrs Beaverton America I have really been getting the information out there about domestic violence and who it hurts and affects. I have actaully organized a bowling fundraiser that will be happening tomorrow to raise money for, which is an organization that helps children victims of domestic and sexual abuse!!!

I know this was long but I just had to share with all of you.......

So now tell me what have I missed??????????????


I married my best friend on 8-16-2008

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