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LilTuffGirl Posts: 301 Registered: 11/4/08
Re: money matters...
Posted: Mar 25, 2009 8:49 PM
We didn't put anything down on our house and got a pretty damn good intrest rate (got it last year). It's all based on my FH's income and we went with a "starter home". I love this house but it is small. We would really like to get land and build our own house and have that as our "forever home" if at all possible. Once I HOPEFULLY pass medic class i'll get a good pay raise and i'm hoping to go ahead and buy the land. Also hoping by the time we are ready to sell this place the land will be paid off so we can get a builders loan and build the house of our dream. Once we sell this place whatever we make off of it will go right back into the builders loan.
We also got this house at an AWESOME price. The owners had 3 dogs and it smelt HORRIBLE. The dogs also chewed some stuff up and.. yea.. a mess. So we've put our time into cleaning it up. The realitor stopped by to see how we were doing and he was majorly impressed. He said we could make a profit off of the house already without a problem :) Although it took me a long damn time to find "the one" when chosing houses. I was ready to scream! The FH just had to come look at them with me from time to time. This one he said before we even looked at it "damnit we are buying this one regardless" lol

I say do what you can when buying a house. If you can't afford the house you want then wait and save. DO NOT count on getting extra money or saying you can cut back on stuff for life. If you can't pay the payments on the money you have now DON'T DO IT!!!
We pay our bills and still have the cash to buy the toys we want :) thats the way I like it!! Although now we have too many toys and not enough garage space for them :( lol

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