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MrsRicecake Posts: 700 Registered: 2/2/08
Re: US Air Force. = ]
Posted: Feb 1, 2009 1:19 AM
Ok. So I am not aware of this situation that Art talks about. IF you have EVER thought about leaving your FH for someone else, this life is most likely not for you. Yes you may feel attracted to other men, thats normal...heck I am attracted to other men, I live on a Marine base, hot guys are all around me. BUT I would NEVER act on any sort of attraction. Im not saying this to be rude. This life is a lonely one. You will be alone a lot. DH is getting ready to go on a training mission, he will be gone for a week then he'll come home and be gone for up to 3 months, all this 10 months before he leaves and once a month he will certaintly be in the field training for a week to two weeks at a time. I have seen marriages fall apart because of the military, my own brother is going through a divorce because his wife cheated (hes also in the Corps)
Seriously the military is a different world. Once you step on to base its foriegn. Your life is looked at under a microscope. You both have to have sooo much trust and honesty with eachother.
As far as the stay at home mom. I could never do that especially starting out. Yeah your rent is paid but you only get to claim one dependant for extra pay, and thats you, and after that he will be making very little money. Having a child is expensive, youll need all the extra money you can get and I agree with Art. You have to have a back up plan get your education and job skills, you never know what will happen. I am the youngest of four. I went to daycare, both my parents work full time. I am a huge believer in daycare. It teaches your child social skills and thats important.
This life is hard. I urge you to really make sure you are 2000% committed to him before you even consider this life, let alone get married.
Also you'll probably want to wait until his military career is started before you have a family. Yeah it can make things less lonely, but you also want him to be involved in your child's life. And just because HE wants a baby, YOU have to be ready, YOU will be the one taking on the role of both mommy and daddy. He doesnt get to call all the shots, not in military life!

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