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PharmToxGirl Posts: 5,446 Registered: 8/30/07
Re: NWR Current Events Thread
Posted: Oct 30, 2008 7:19 AM

SeasideBride - OK, I'm Obama supporter, but I can tell you that I run into Obama supporters ALL the time who can't give you one reason policy based that they support Obama.  So it's not just the Repub.

My DH is voting McCain and I know that in general he tends to go with the Repub Party - conservative especially with gov't involvement/big gov't.  So his three reasons right off the top - 1) he feels the McCain is better suited to deal with our military actions - in general he feels that Obama is not ready; 2) he is opposed to the amount of government spending that Obama is proposing (and honestly, I'm a little concerned about it too); 3) he's pro life (don't get me started - we just don't discuss this), etc.

Now, you don't have to agree with him, I don't agree - but I respect his opinion and his right to vote how he wants.  As he says, there are things that he likes about the Repub party and things that he likes about the Dem party, but usually the importance of what he likes about the Repub party usually outweighs the Dem party.

But he WAS going to vote third party b/c he was unhappy with McCain.  But I think the election is so close now, he's voting McCain.

Also, my Mom voted McCain (absentee) - she's also worried about the spending, she's also worried about having a fully democrat controlled Congress with a Dem Pres (i.e. everything for the spending is going to get passed -I'm hoping it means things will get done), etc.

It's unfortunate that often the loudest people are the most ignorant for EITHER side.  Somehow they figure they have to put their ignorance on display.

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