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PharmToxGirl Posts: 5,446 Registered: 8/30/07
Re: NWR Current Events Thread
Posted: Oct 30, 2008 9:02 AM

This is actually one of THE most impressive things I've seen written - It was a comment in reply to an article in Newsweek.

"Posted By: bizguythinker (October 30, 2008 at 8:19 AM)

I’m not voting for Barack Obama.

I’m voting for truthfulness, honesty, intelligence, a fresh perspective, the guts to take a new approach, and the ability and willingness to put these character traits toward inspiring our country.

Political campaigns are typically a litany of the same old recycled themes from prior elections. The tactics are always the same, too: lie, manipulate, mislead, repeat.

I’m disgusted with many, if not most, of our politicians. When they get in office, they lie, manipulate, and mislead. Go figure. That’s what got them elected. That’s what was “successful” for them. Why not continue doing it?

I can blame it on our political process. It rewards the wrong behaviors.

But the truth is that if we want something better than what we’ve always gotten, we have to vote for something better and different than we’ve always voted for.

Conventional thinking implies that the intelligent voter compare the policies of each candidate and select the one they believe is “right” for this country.

But the truth is that few vote that way. Many label themselves “republican” or “democrat” or “conservative” or… you get the idea. And then we have a new group we can belong to so we don’t feel alone and don’t have to think for ourselves. We can identify with the others like us, look for validation from others who think the way we do and not question whether there is truth in what is being said. We can “belong” to something – a universal human need. We need more courage than that.

An even bigger truth is that nobody, not even the candidates themselves, actually KNOWS what all the right policies are. First of all, the world is a fluid situation, and the policies put forth in a campaign are snapshots in time. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is fixating on a viewpoint or policy and standing by it in the face of changing circumstances. We call those who respond flexibly with changing world situations “flip floppers”, indecisive, just saying anything to get elected. Yes, these can look the same. So we need to look more closely and not be so quick to but a label on everything.

Second of all, even the most knowledgeable experts are sometimes wrong about what the “right” policies are. Just look at our current financial system. Everybody, for decades, has thought that the market would self-regulate by some mechanism of self-interest. We thought that more government oversight would drag on our economy unnecessarily. Every business school economics class and finance class teach the American Capitalism view of the world. And now we find out, unequivocally, that everyone was wrong.

One more truth: The candidates don’t get to decide everything. They have influence, but there are a few hundred other people in Congress who also have a big influence on what actually happens. No candidates tax plan, education plan, or economic plan will materialize 100% if they are elected.

Here’s how I’ve made my decision. Of course it’s more complicated that this, but this gets to the guts of it.

1. After being lied to so many times by so many politicians, I want first and foremost honesty. Truthfulness.

2. After enduring a president who can’t lead because he can’t even speak a coherent sentence, I want a President who can inspire. As a nation we’ desperately need inspiration right now.

3. After seeing stubbornness, arrogant, close-minded, “do it our way or we’ll beat you up” approach to relating with other countries, I want a President who has the emotional temperament to be tough without being arrogant. Someone who has the self confidence and self esteem to pull this off. This means the open-mindedness to try something new.

On the truthfulness front, I’ve watched more closely than ever what the candidates have said. It all started because I was interested in watching their advertising strategy – advertising being my field of work.

For the first time I’ve taken the time to do research and check the facts of the claims each candidate is making. To sum it all up, there is an overwhelming skew in this area. What I found is that both candidates have made misleading or false statements. However, Obama’s are far fewer than McCain’s. In fact, Obama mentions McCain much less frequently than McCain mentions Obama. But the biggest difference is the one I found most surprising. McCain continued to repeat the same false and misleading statements. Over and over again. Whereas Obama repeated his much less frequently, if at all. This same analysis applies to the VP candidates, though subjectively Palin’s claims have been far more outrageous, if less effectively articulated.

My voting decision actually doesn’t need to go farther than this. Dishonesty is a deal breaker.

If I am going to take responsibility as a citizen for changing the biggest problem with our political system – systemic dishonesty – I cannot vote for someone who is trying to win with a primary strategy of lies and misleading statements. Even if their policies are ones I agree more with, I cannot reward their dishonest behavior with a vote for President of the United States of America.

Why? Because what message would I be sending to them, and other candidates?

How you win doesn’t matter, as long as you win. Do whatever it takes to win, even if you have to lie. Values like honesty don’t matter. And when you get into office, go ahead and keep lying, because what got you there worked so well. Lying is okay with me.

If we are going to lead the world, we have to embody certain core values, and honesty is definitely one of them.

Interestingly, I was a huge McCain supporter in 2000. Guess why. “Straight talk”. I wanted honesty then, and someone who would have the guts to stick with it. The McCain who is running now is not nearly the same person as the McCain who ran in 2000.

I’m not voting for Barack Obama.

I’m voting for truthfulness, honesty, intelligence, a fresh perspective, the guts to take a new approach, and the ability and willingness to put these positive character traits toward inspiring our country. "

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