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Charlotte09 Posts: 1,021 Registered: 2/22/08
Re: NWR Current Events Thread
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 11:56 PM
hellokitty, I dont think all people realized that the US does not have an official religion that we have to follow. To me that means you cannot argue religion when making laws. One religion might look down on gay marriage and another might not care. Seriously, out of all the things going on in the world I don't think it is important enough to stop people from getting married. Gay relationships and marriage causes harm to no one. That is the point of having a law is to keep things in order and keep people from getting hurt. The fact that people have to argue about gay marriage shows how biggoted things STILL are and how it keeps getting passed down from generation to generation. I think that is why are are so divided on issues as a country anymore. One half of the country has eliminated certain biggoted ideas and another hasnt, and that gets passed on from children to children. I also think some areas are not diverse enough. If you cannot be around different people and cultures then it is hard to learn and understand them, and people usually reject what they dont understand.

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