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hellokitty4ever Posts: 740 Registered: 6/6/07
Re: NWR Current Events Thread
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 11:19 PM

Okay yes...Elizabeth Hasselback is super annoying.  Whenever things don't go her way, she gets emotional and loud.  I hate that she responds to a question by asking a question.  That's a red flag right there--stupid is a stupid does.

Okay, here in Cali we have Prop. 8, which is a prop serving to ban gay marriages.  It's a touchy subject here and people have begun to vandalize property (on both sides of the issue).  It's getting just reminds me of how politics is so dirty sometimes. 

I'm personally a supporter of gay rights and marriages.  I truly think people who impose their personal beliefs on anyone, especially religious beliefs, are insanely naive and stupid.  So, when supporters of Prop. 8 back up their claims that gay marriages are a threat to "traditional marriages" based on the Bible (God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve...that's such a lame line), it gets me a little riled up as to how some people are so illogical and ignorant.  Whatever though.  I saw a car parked at my work place with a big decal on their rear window that read, "Yes on Prop 8"...I looked down at their license plate and on the frame it says, "I have no patience for stupid."  I thought that was funny because it's so ironic. 


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