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Charlotte09 Posts: 1,021 Registered: 2/22/08
Re: NWR Current Events Thread
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 7:50 PM

I love the Obama spray paint in the lawn. It looks great. Sadly I am sure someone will want to come by and step on it or spray over it. My neighborhood is clearly divided. There is an even number of Obama and McCain signs, and I am crazy and keep track of them. I have also noticed that no ones signs have been stolen. So even though I do think political signs are pretty dumb and tacky and a waste of time since people usually do steal them. I am proud that my neighborhood has not taken this division that far.

And I have to agree with whoever brought up Elizabeth Hassleback. She is a snotty little republican that is for sure, but she looks like a fool. I cannot watch the View because of her. I know that show gets a bad rep from some people, but I seriously do not mind the other ladies, it is Elizabeth who makes me want to puke. As annoying as Roise O'Donnell might be to some people, I loved watching her rip Elizabeth apart. She has gotten worse with this election and has really become a little snot. I do not think she is even remotely respectful towards the Obamas. She might be nice to them in person but then there are a million clips of her on the show and making speeches to republicans and she speaks of them as if they are scum on her shoe. She doesnt have to agree with Obama but he at least deserves her respect, and I never understood when she became the poster child for politics anyway. I cannot trust the opinion of a girl who got famous from a reality show then married a really rich man, her life isnt realistic so I dont think her opinions are either.

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