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HillyBride92008 Posts: 207 Registered: 3/28/06
Re: What Are You Grateful For?
Posted: Oct 16, 2008 9:47 AM

I am greatful to have a husband that knows all of my moods and loves me anyway.

I am greatful for my IL's. They helped pay for a huge chunk of our wedding AND kept a roof over our heads while DH was looking for a job from Dec07-May08 (and we stayed with them until August to get ourselves back on track).

I'm greatful that I can still pay for gas and groceries and a roof over our heads despite student loans!

I am greatful that we will be helping my family out by moving into my Grandmothers house within 5 years once they fix it up and will be paying off the mortgage and then they will sign the deed to us! This allows us to have a good size home with yard for our future as we have so much school debt that we could not buy a house for AT LEAST 10 years if it weren't for them!!

I'm greatful that DH and my families get along so well! It makes holidays easier, as we tend to combine them so we can see everyone at once!

I am greatful for my years in college, some of the best friends I have came from that experience!

I'm greatful for my best friends, Ashley and Sam- they are my rock!

I'm greatful that I finally get a Bro & SIL via my hubby!

I'm greatful that my friends like to hang out and play board games! This makes for an extremely cheap evening out!

I'm greatful that gas prices have dropped below $3.00 where I live!

I'm greatful for fall, the beautiful wedding I had and the amazing honeymoon in AZ. DH and I got to experience the southwest together for the 1st time!! I can't wait to go back!!!!!

Ok....think thats all I'll bore you with for now Wink

~ Formerly CCFPrincessBride~

Hillary & Sean~ September 20, 2008 Laughing

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