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deltagirl Posts: 516 Registered: 12/30/06
Re: Muffin's 20/20 message thread
Posted: Sep 20, 2008 10:40 PM

One thing I have noticed on the 20/20 thread , and now here is people not understanding the difference between " white privlege" and racism. They are not the same.

In the year that I was planning my wedding, not once did I see an African-American model on the cover of Bride's magazine. So being able to see your likenes on the cover of a Bridal magazine is an example of "white privelege". Do I think the editors of Bride's magazine are racist - absolutely not! That would be absurd for me to indicate that since I do not know them persoanally.

"White privelege" is a way of saying that most things in America are geared towards Caucasians.

I work in San Francisco, CA. There are alot of different cultures represented here. Working in the hospital I have to communicate with patients whom may not always speak english. We have interpreters on staff who assist us. So I agree with a PP who said it depends on what area of the US you live, the different cultures you may encounter.


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