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KitKatBar Posts: 983 Registered: 7/23/06
Re: Wow, just wow.
Posted: Aug 18, 2008 10:22 PM


DANGER DANGER WILL ROBBINSON! Holy crap she's flipped her top.

So crazy bride gets my phone number from someone else's phone. I normally don't make a habit of picking up phone calls I don't recognize, but I misread the number (I should really go to the optometrist) I said hello and she starts screeching in my ear about how I turned her bridesmaids against her.  I barely contain myself and manage not to burst out laughing. I simply tell her I'm sorry she feels that way. Even though I did not talk to any of her bridesmaids until they contacted me. We all knew each other, as we went to school together for a really long time.

She tells me you can't just share friends, they were either her friends or mine. To quote her "Their mine, and you can't have them!" By this point, I'm open mouthed wondering what the heck is wrong with this chick. I mean before it was just kinda funny, but now she's talking about people as objects! I repeat "I'm sorry you feel that way." She launches into a lecture about how she won't be able to have the BP she always wanted now because she won't have the money. She didn't have the money to begin with, she was trying to extort it from her bridesmaids! Then tell her I really need to go. I hang up, and block the number. 

So yeah, it stopped being funny and just started being sad. I'm even more concerned for her poor step-sister now. I may not have been as polite as I could have been with her, because she quite frankly frazzled my nerves with all her shrieking. I do think I was still more polite with her than she deserved though.

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