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cyndi33 Posts: 2,585 Registered: 1/3/07
Re: NWR: Your feelings on smoking
Posted: Jul 31, 2008 12:21 PM

The whole point behind what irritates me is that society is soooo anti - smoker, and the attitude is ban, ban, ban.  BUT, the things which are even MORE harmful, will NOT be regulated and no attempt will be made by our government to do so, because that would be politically unpopular.  I'd like to hear someone come right out and say, I hate smokers and find them vile, tehrefore I am going to ban smoking in public simply because I can.  I LIKE drinking, driving, flying, etc, so I will NOT ban that because I don't want's osmething I like to do therefore it is ok.  

If we really want to curb smoking, why don't we BAN the manufactureres, fine them, increase THEIR taxes.  It seems to me ALL we do is gripe about how rude smokers are, impose regulations on them for doing something which is perfectly legal to do, and treat them basically like pariahs.

So yes, I would focus on the things which are REALLY bad even though they are popular IF I were going to focus on anything at all.  

Having said that, I wouldn't go at something harmful by punishing those addicted to it, or by enacting further useless bans/intrusions.

Someone mentioned smoking isn't banned in people's homes.  That isn't really is in many places.  Inside AND even on t heir own balconies, backyards.  Condo communities come to mind  

So, I don't follow/buy the other argument.  Banning smoking is easy so let's all jump on the wagon, drink the kool aid, and ban away while we ignore or encourage the things which are worse for everyone.  AFter all, it's not much of an intrusion and smokers are nasty anyway.

So...after you ban it, then what? 

Do you honestly believe that if they don't act regarding the worse things, the tough (because popular) things, that everyone will be healthy, there will be no more lung cancer, and we can all sing kum bay ah together?  I absolutely do not.

Plus, I don't see our government trying to make stricter regulations on car emissions.  I DO see them fighting tooth and nail to make sure we are totally reliant on oil, though.  It really makes me sick.

I believe, with us further regulated, smokers maybe fined/jailed along with other "bad" addicts, and no one overall will actually BE any healthier because the big pollutants are STILL out there, still going strong, still government sanctioned and subsidized.   But hey, at least we don't have to see the nasty smokers. yay.

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