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BirdLover Posts: 2,834 Registered: 3/30/06
Re: NWR: Your feelings on smoking
Posted: Jul 31, 2008 12:58 AM

" Should it be made illegal? No way. It's way too late for that."

Actually, I think it SHOULD be made illegal.  Because there are no benefits to smoking . At all.  You can argue benefits to drinking, benefits to driving, but there are absolutely zero benefits to smoking, and what bothers me (since we're ranting about the government anyway, hee hee) is that the government does continue to legalize something that has no benefits and so many potential harms.

I'm with Cyndi in that the war on drugs, etc. is a crock (why on earth do drug possessors get more time in jail than rapists?), and I realize that if smoking was illegal they would probably overdo it too...but at least the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of it as being harmful and not tolerated would appease me.

And please, any smokers, don't think I mean that to be harsh against you.  You are doing something perfectly legal, no harm in that.  But I would still love for them to gradually phase it out.

People also mentioned (I can't remember who, and I apologize) that they can't imagine, for exactly, going to a casino and not being allowed to have a cigar.  Fair enough.  But as someone from a now smoke-free city, I can't imagine going to a casino and having to breathe in someone else's cigar smoke.  So it kinda goes both ways...however, you have to choose one side, so why not chose the side that does not negatively affect others' health?

Let me put it this way: I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke.  It gives me headaches and nausea fairly quickly.  If I want to avoid cigarette smoke, I pretty much can't leave my house. So it's not like I can just avoid going to smokey places.  It's everywhere.  So if they restrict some areas from smoking, fine with me. 

Another thought: I always wonder if any smokers (those who have tried to quit, mostly) ever get angry that the government legalizes a substance that is bad for you AND severely addictive.  Because that would piss me off :P 

Lastly, I probably have not made this clear, but over the years I have been very careful at not being against SMOKERS.  I can curse the habit and the manufacturers all i want, but smokers are just people who smoke.  I am not against smokers...does that make sense?

I also wanted to point out that whenever I have disagreed with someone on this thread, I mean so respectfully.  So in case it doesn't come across that way, know that I mean it.

I have seen too much crap in my life as a result of smoking (ever watched someone die of emphasema?  not fun) that it's a really " hot topic" for me.

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