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LittleRoo Posts: 1,054 Registered: 2/17/07
Re: MisterKelleys no BS advice column
Posted: Jul 24, 2008 8:02 PM

"Honestly Kelley, why do you have to reply to everything I say? I live 4 feet away from you"

Sorry Kelley, but that was really funny.  :)

" Well flowers is an area that I need to improve upon - see how I admit this? :)  You should also know that I'm right on top of refilling all 3 3 ice cube trays in my refrigerator when they need it. Fold the laundry? Ha Ha Honey I do the entire laundry every week, that includes folding. I also do the dishes quite frequently without being asked. As for forgoing Video ganes to watch dance programs, well I rarely if ever play video ganes at night. WHile I don't take an active interest in SYTYCD, I make sure that I'm in the same room with Mrs. Kelley when she watches it. This tells you that I'm willing to suffer right along with her. I can't cover her ears when Mary talks because I'm too damn busy covering my own ears, I swear when woman laughs I have to replace 4 lightbulbs and the TV speaker. But I am pretty quick on the mute button. As an added bonus, Misterkelley is the one who vacuums, mops the floors, takes the trash out, puts gas in the car for my wife, and loves animals."

MrKelley, you are the model for all men to strive to be.  If you are doing everything around the house, does that mean MrsKelley gets to watch soap operas and eat bon bons all day?  Lucky MrsKelley.

I have a question.  I have a friend (wink wink) and her husband rarely initiates sex with her and doesn't seem to care if they ever do it.  Do you think he isn't attracted to her any more?  Why do some men not seem interested in sex with their wives?

--Imaginary Roo

Who's that little couple just sittin' on my wedding cake?

Go Kelliza--cha cha cha...and JAZZ HANDS!!

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