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MisterKelley Posts: 258 Registered: 7/11/08
Re: MisterKelleys no BS advice column
Posted: Jul 23, 2008 9:09 PM

SoontobeMrsFari's family can't tell time - She writes:

Hi MrKelley,

I have been "lurking" this post since it started and find it refreshingly funny. Why does my family keep telling me there's plenty of time left before the wedding? It's in 3 months for crying outloud! Please give me your insight into this


Frustrated Red Sox Fan


Kerri and Michael 10/25/08

First of all, if you're a Red Sox fan, you've got deeper problems than time management issues.  Thankfully for you, I'm willing to look past your major fallacies. I'm " Taking the high road" here.

The reason why your family keeps telling you that you have plenty of time is because they're not the ones that are doing 8 million freaking things to pull this fiasco off in an orderly and timely manner. You see there's 2 kinds of time - There's Hey! we're going to soontobemrsfari's wedding in October- that's over 3 months away. And then there's what I like to call Bride Time- which, if my calculations are correct, runs approximately 3 times faster than  "sit on my ass and enjoy the wedding as a guest" time.  Unfortunetly since none of these slugs seems to understand that time takes on a totally different meaning when it's up to you to make all the decisions, arrangments and plans, not to mention that it always seems that grown men revert to 2nd graders and have to be babysat and told how to do even the most seemily no brainer activities like - get measured and order your Tux. Or, in my case "Are you going to call your friend that's a DJ or do I have to do that too? There's very little you can do to actually change the situation.  You can however, rid yourself of one major headache - Swear Alliegence to the Evil Empire and stop cheering for those loser Boston Red Sox. It's won't help your time management situation but you'll sleep better at night.

P.S. I see that your Wedding day is Oct. 25th - Hope and pray that the Red Sox aren't in the World Series and have a game that night.

EMT - I'm not here to save your life, just prolong your miserable existence

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