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stargazer9 Posts: 448 Registered: 12/20/06
Re: Name change question
Posted: Jul 21, 2008 2:29 PM

I'm living in Canada so I'm not exactly sure how things work in the States with the paper work, but I got my marriage certificate a week after our wedding when we got back from the honeymoon.

However the other thing is my grandfather is ordained and we had him officate for us and he was good about mailing in the marriage license and registration and all that the day after the wedding.  He took care of that for us, I'm not sure if most people mail their own in or not but my grandpa always mails them for ceremonies he officiates for.  Anyways he was diligent about mailing away the paper work the following morning and he gave us our marriage certificate a week later when we got back.

So if your officiant is the one who will mail the papers away for you I would talk to him otherwise I would just say be diligent about mailing away your paperwork the next day or having someone you trust do it for you if you'll be gone on your honeymoon right away.

Here too you just take your certificate and your birth certificate and another form of ID in and they will change your name at any insurer's place that issues licenses and you get a new picture and card right then and there.

Also will your credit card or whatever form of payment you use have your new name on it when you book the flight?  Not sure if that would have any bearing on anything.

If you wanna be extra safe I would say book it in your maiden name and then just go and change your name when you get back from your trip.  You don't have any time limit on when you have to do that I waited a few weeks because I am such a bad procrastinator Laughing

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