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MisterKelley Posts: 258 Registered: 7/11/08
Re: MisterKelleys no BS advice column
Posted: Jul 17, 2008 5:23 PM

Angele from Ferret's Cove, Tenn. Writes :

In my experience, why is that men seem to have the freedom to get a little of their own back, to be a little mean or vindictive, while women are relegated to the roles of peacemaker? I mean if someone is acting like a sh**, then can't we just take a moment (if our actions aren't outrageous or unnecessarily cruel) and tell that person exactly what we think of them? Why do we need to "turn the other cheek" every freaking time?

Ok listen up people, if Misterkelley is going to have sort out all of you people's catfights, I'm really gonna need some sort of monetary compensation.

Angele, the next time some tree hugging freak starts spouting off what constitutes proper Etiquette to you, Tell her to go outside and play  Hide and go F yourself. Turning the other cheek is for P***ies who can't deal with confrontation. And take the high road? What the F does that mean? does it mean you're the better person if you let some douchebag walk all over you? They obviously don't give 2 S**ts about you so why should you in essence condone that behavior. Next time someone tells you to take the high road, tell her that her husband already tried that with you 6 months ago.  Then see who turns the other cheek.

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