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mrslilysolovely Posts: 2,130 Registered: 7/24/06
Posted: Jun 10, 2008 11:36 PM

Oh Ashley, I am so sorry about grandma, I know what you are going through with that worry, been there.

As for the POA, did the neighbor produce the document for the hospital?? Or did they just make the announcement and the hospital took her at her word? There should be some actual documentation provided, and if she can't then I believe, it's the next of kin who has the say in what goes on.

since she can't produce anything stating that she is even kin at all, much less next of kin, well this proves that she has lied to the hospital and although I don't see how you can stop her from calling, it does prevent her from being able to lie to them again, and have them believe her.

the boss thing, man , that sucks, and I have the smae opinion as a few others here, can your supervisor stick up for your organizational skills?? Would she? Or is she too afraid to tell the boss he doesn't know what he is talking about, essentially. Not in those words, but stilll, ya know what I mean.

I will pray for gramdma and the family, I hope she is better soon.

I'd talk to the cleaning lady and ask if she has ever come across those papers, or if she has seen the neighbor do anything untoward in reference to grandma's property or person. Perhaps checking with other neighbors about the bad neighbor will help clear up the picture.

I'd check with her pastor, if she attends church, sometimes they know more than we think they do, and maybe she told him where the papers are...sometimes people do that to keep the info as safe as possible.

Also there may be a safe deposit box with those papers in it, so you never can tell..older people sometimes are not as trusting of 'new-fangled' things (and rightly so, I might add).

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it right now, I know you sure don't need it. I hope I helped some.

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