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DEDudley709 Posts: 49 Registered: 5/13/08
Posted: Jun 9, 2008 4:49 PM

"as for the neighbor...I have called her 3 times now telling her that if she wants any information that we (the family) would be happy to inform her and I even gave her our phone numbers only to be cursed at and told to go to hell. "

That right there tells me that something might have been going on that the family didn't know about. I'd continue to try and find out the POA stuff and get that taken care of. As for nosy neighbor, you have spoken to her 3 times. More than you should have. If she continues to call the hospital I'd consider notifying the authorities, be it to file a report or get a restraining order. She shouldn't be harrassing the hospital staff like that which in turn stresses you and other family members out.

After things get better with Grandma, if it turns out that there was some kind of abuse going on or she was taking advantage of Grandma, I'd go after her for it.

I'm sorry that this all happened at once. I'll be sure to keep your family in my prayers. I hope Grandma pulls through ok. Smile

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