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jessd0320 Posts: 1,491 Registered: 7/4/06
Posted: Jun 9, 2008 12:36 PM

Ummm, wow.

On this power of attorney thing... has this neighbor been poking around in other areas where she shouldn't be? I would check grandma's financial records and all that kind of stuff. This just screams possibility of fraud or elder abuse or whatever you want to call it. If shes going to claim at the hospital she has power of attorney, she may have claimed that at the bank and other places. I really hope this hasnt' happened, but someone needs to check on it. Especially since the papers seem to be missing.

I would guess the papers had to be filed somewhere... maybe try the local courthouse? There has to be a copy because thats a public record, if what I remember about public records is correct. Thats another thing you do need to try to locate ASAP. I'm sorry to keep saying this, and I'm sure you are having the same thoughts, but I would be VERY SUSPICIOUS of this neighbor. Have you met her before?

I don't know anything about how to make her stop calling. This is really creepy. Is is possible for someone to talk to her and find out what the heck her problem is? Could a restraining order make her stop calling? I dont know anything about that, but maybe a possibility? Is there someone at the hospital that will keep her from getting into grandma's room?

Sorry about what the company owner said. Does your supervisor think you screw things up? Can the supervisor talk to your boss? It sure seems like someone who actually works with you should be willing to defend your work instead of just passing along the word of cutting hours.

I hope you figure out what to do and find the info you need! Keep us posted.

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