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Re: NWR-This Whole Polygamist Thing
Posted: Apr 17, 2008 10:37 AM

I saw a 30 second clip from the 'mothers' interview from the Today show when they appeared yesterday.  I think the question that was asked was something about how can you let your young daughters get 'married' to these old men?  And the mom said some rant about getting their children back (from the state) that had nothing to do with the original question.  I wish I had gotten to watch the rest of the interview yesterday, it probably was very interesting (and probably on the todayshow website).  Today though, they were going to discuss the women's hair and clothing requirements so maybe they were going to talk about how the women make their hair look like that.  Too bad I had to go to work.

And to the polygomy question - I agree with AOTB's answer.  These are (and I quote from them) "spiritual marriages" they don't file paperwork with the state b/c obviously a 13 year old isn't allowed to get married nor can men legally marry multiple women.  And when they leave or get kicked out of the 'church' their 'wives' and children are reassigned to other men willing to follow the rules.  

Overall, it's a sad situation that has gone out of control.  The state couldn't have done anything up until now... don't you people watch CSI & Law and Order? :) You can't file rape charges if you don't have a compliant and witness.  These kids aren't in public schools so no one in the outside world knows for sure that 13 year old are pregnant and 'married'.  Hopefully things change for the better and the state keeps a close eye on this compound and the kids that are returned to normal society.

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