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Re: NWR--(sorry) cat-astrophe
Posted: May 3, 2006 4:47 PM

Hi Frita,

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. :( I havent dealt with cancer with pets.  But I did have a dog who lived until he was 19years old and we had to put him down because he was really starting to break down.  I know the feeling of "what will i do without my best friend" My dog was my best friend and it killed me that we had to put him down.  

However, please please please keep this in mind with your kitty: Putting a sick/hurt/elderly animal down is the most selfless and loving act a pet owner can do.  When you make that decision, and it is a VERY hard to decision, you are sparing your animal from needless pain and that is the most loving thing anyone can do for an animal.  Keep in mind the quality of life for the animal and put yourself in their "paws"~ would you want to do through all the treatments, sickness, poking and prodding that comes along with an illness? 

I am in no way telling you to put her down. I just want you to keep these things in mind.  YOU are the only one who knows the answers to these questions and YOU are the one who knows her/ him best.  Its a horrible thing for the pet owner to go through because you feel like an exicutioner, but its the most loving thing you can do.  Remeber your animal looks to you for love and comfort.

 If you ever need a shoulder to cry on..... I have two :)  

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