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Re: Has anyone else noticed the level of disrespect on this board lately?
Posted: Apr 21, 2006 5:06 PM
If I could be completely honest, I used to be HOOKED to this site...almost obsessive ;)
I haven't gone on this site in more then 2 weeks because of the nasty brides. I LOVED some of the ideas and help, but now I am scared s*itless that my head will be bitten off by someone who thinks my question is stupid.

If I wanted that, I would go back 10 years and end up back in Highschool...but I thought that the idea of these boards were so neat..what a great way to vent/get help/and meet amazing people that are in the same boat as me... I want to enjoy these boards again...and I think that this post was needed to get us all to realize that we are all mature woman (we should be mature...we are getting MARRIED) and that we all need advice and comfort during this stressful time.

I think the golden rule should apply...
If you can't say anything nice about someone don't say it at all... ( I can even hear my grandma saying it hahahhahaa)

I hope things turn around for the I can get HOOKED again ;)

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