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Re: Has anyone else noticed the level of disrespect on this board lately?
Posted: Apr 21, 2006 3:01 PM

We can all sit here and say we will/should/are going to ignore the snarkiness, but the reality is that we won't.  We will defend ourselves, our beliefs, and stick up for someone who is getting pushed around.  I think that's good.

As for the trolls, well, they will come and go, like they always do on every board on the net.

I really think in light of all that's happened with the boards in the last month things are not THAT bad. 

My biggest suggestion would be if you have a problem or a question, be as specific as possible.  BridesMom (sorry to call you out on this, but it's something I noticed) was upset and felt that everyone was jumping up in her shit, but she had to keep adding more details to her original question.  I think if she had been as descriptive in her original post as she was in follow ups, it might not have gotten out of hand.

SpanishBride (sorry, but this is another example) specifically asked if people didn't have the same beliefs that they stay out of it, and well, people didn't heed her wishes.  They felt that imposing their beliefs would make her question less valid but really ened up with snarkiness all around.  If you don't believe/agree with something someone says, don't bash them, don't call their beliefs silly games, it's not nice.

No, it will never be all sunshine and lollipops on the boards, but we sure can try, can't we?  Now, get on with the planning!!!

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