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Re: Big Love
Posted: Apr 17, 2006 10:28 PM

So, feel free to add to this or change it, guys:

Guy is raised in polygamist sect on a compound in Utah.  His dad used to be really important in this sect, but another guy pushed his dad out, and now the family is poor.  Guy got dropped off in the big city as a young man.

Guy was married to pretty lady his own age. They had three (?) kids.  Pretty lady got cancer and guy wanted more kids.  Pretty lady and guy agreed he could take another wife.  Guy also needed a business boost.

Guy marries second wife, whose dad is the aforementioned man who pushed Guy's dad out of sect.  Guy gets loan from girl's dad and opens Home Depot-esque store. He has to kick a percentage of his profits up to wife no. 2's dad.

Wife no. 2 has kids.  Guy is interested in the family's babysitter.  She becomes wife No.3.  Has kids. 

Second wife has serious spending problem and is in mucho credit card debt (secretly).  Wife No. 3 is making friends with all the neighbors and the family is afraid the neighbors are gonna find out they practice polygamy (which is against the law). Wife No. 1 takes a full-time teaching job. 

Guy opens second store and doesn't kick up the appropriate percentage to Wife No. 2's father.  He's pissed.  And violent and scary--is trying to scare guy to hand over the money.  The guy thinks he's crafty and turns Wife No. 2's Dad over to the authorities for polygamy and shady business deals.

So, that's pretty much what's going on--the acting is good.  And the show really draws you in.  Sorry if this makes no sense.

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