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Re: So sad today. My brother is back in the Army. (long)
Posted: Apr 14, 2006 7:54 PM

  Ok here's what my FH told me when he was there, EVERYBODY sends hygiene products to the point people had too many and would just put the boxes out for people to take what they wanted.  Sometimes movies are good, so are books, or card games (if you get a chance ask him some time in an email after he's there-then he can give you a better idea).  The biggest thing my FH missed was the candy here-he said everything there wasn't as good.  So I would send him his favorite candy because he can't get it there.  Cookies and homemade stuff can be good too, but he said the food was usually pretty good when they weren't on missions (and depending on how long it takes the package to get to him stuff can be stale).

   I do know that religous stuff is not allowed-I've heard they will overlook small personal stuff.  Any form of pork product is not allowed (aka pork rinds), you might have to be careful about Maxim (but I'm not sure, my FH just wasn't big on it and I wasn't inclined to send him that).  Other reading material is fine as far as I know.  You can find the info at the USPS website about what you can send.

   My FH really liked when I would send him little photo albums with pictures in it of us, our friends, his family, sometimes I'd tuck little notes in front of the pictures so he'd be sure to get them and they wouldn't get lost.  Oh and international phone cards are good too, if you have those you don't have to worry about using the courtisy phones with the 15 minute limit.  Be careful about sending anything with too much personal info on it as your brother will have to destroy anything like that when he's done and it can be a liablity.

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