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Re: MySpace...
Posted: Apr 13, 2006 8:06 PM

You bet she's serious.  I'm a defense-side labor attorney.  That means Ithat one of the things I do is defend companies when people sue them for discrimination, harassment, etc. It can be a pretty dirty job.   

Myspace is public and fair game.  It's one of the first places I check when I receive a Complaint that involves a plaintiff under 30 or so.  So be careful what you put up there, 'cause if I get you in a deposition, I suddenly know a lot more about you than you think I do (particularly if you have a blog!)...and that will not help you one bit. 

A good HR assistant will check myspace too.  So, look out.  The good news is that all we do is enter your first and last name into the search feature--we don't expend more effort than that.  So, we're easy to thwart. Change the spelling of your first or last name or use a nickname as a first name.  And be careful when you create your publicly accessible myspace name.  For example, if your name is "Jane Smith," don't have your myspace profile be or or some easy variation thereof. 

Of course, if you don't put raunchy or subversive stuff up there, you probably don't have to worry...or I guess you don't have to worry about anything but a boring profile.    Happy surfing!

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