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Re: Need to vent about home loan
Posted: Apr 12, 2006 7:38 PM

Big hugs to ALL you girls that things work out! I feel ya... FH has been doing freelance work for a few mos but he really needs to be steadily employed for us to get a decent home loan. Meanwhile, my steady job got reduced to p/t hrs recently due to the company have a rough financial time; no word on when I can be reinstated and if it's no time soon I need ot start looking b/c I need that f/t salary!

Pros are that FH has a good chunk of money saved toward a nice downpay, and my mom has promised to help us but wont be able to until right before the wedding. Me? I've got student loans out the wa-zoo and the nasty credit card that kept me afloat through college. We really don't want to stay in an apt but we're looking at buying a cheap fixer-upper we can sell in a few years for profit, OR renting a house if we can find one that will take our cats.

I always thought the mos before I got married would be this smooth, fluffy period of choosing living room furniture, and finetuning the wedding details, so this bit of chaos floored me! Ironically, we're still doing all that sort of planning, just with a lot extra on the plate... The one constant about life: it goes on!

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