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newsjunkie Posts: 3,417 Registered: 3/30/06
Re: So sad today. My brother is back in the Army. (long)
Posted: Apr 9, 2006 1:27 PM

Wow, I can't believe how long you will have to delay your wedding but I definitely understand why you would.  We got engaged days before my brother found out and had already decided approximately when we were going to get married (October of 2006).  I thought about putting it off and even talked to my brother about it but he insisted that we do it now.  I think he is afraid that if we wait one or both of my grandmothers won't be around and he knows how happy they would be to see me get married.  I am the only one in the family to have a real wedding- everyone else just eloped.  Our family is loud, boisterous, and fun and everyone is really excited about it.

My moms friends usually chip in for an especially nice shower gift and she has already talked to them about getting us a camcorder for the shower (they asked what to get us, I didn't dictate it).  We are going to have someone tape the ceremony and then we will pass it around and have everyone record a personal message to him and then send it wherever he is (as long as he has access to a DVD player, of course).  I asked him if this would be OK as I wasn't sure if it would make him MORE sad but he was all for it.

But, really, the wedding is the least of my concerns.  I just want him back home safe and sound once his tour of duty is up!

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