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Re: To those of you that need to get a life...
Posted: Mar 31, 2006 11:43 PM
You are blantantly talking about me solely so at least have the sack to come out and admit it. Addicted to the internet? I don't think so, and by the way, my husband is just fine, thanks for your concern I am sure he'll appreciate it. But the only person here sporting an obsession is you for me or my posts. You have made 4 posts in total all directed at me. To use your own suggestion, don't you have something better to do?

To start a post just to try and say things about me is just mean and unnecessary. Why you feel the need to is beyond me. I am upset about a few things. Yes that is one of them but why harp on it? It's my opinion and as before this afternoon (for me) there was no why I could convey it to just admin, I had to post it. And for your information. I would have PM'd my friends but I cna not figure out how to here.

If you think your smart and funny because you decide to pick on someone then guess again. If your so concerned with leaving negativity at the door maybe you should set an example by contributing to other posts about things your interested in, not starting posts to spread your judgments on other people.. But I guess setting an example is only for grown ups.

In fact the only person still mentioning this is you so how bout you quit being an immature child and just do your own thing and let other people worry about themselves.

I appreciate your understanding.

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