We Are Not Talking Window Treatments During The Times For Louis Iv

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We Are Not Talking Window Treatments During The Times For Louis Iv
Posted: Mar 29, 2013 4:22 AM

Even if you have the most beautiful furnishings, but the windows aren't done right, the room will feel incomplete. Something will be off. Here is a simple 3-part checklist to follow in finding the right window treatments for your style.


Usually, our apartment are by itself active at the bottom. Meaning, there is your carpeting or breadth rug, sofa, chairs, tv stand, coffee table, plants, etc, etc. While the top of the allowance is usually empty. To adduce a client: "The eyebrows are missing" I anticipation her animadversion was brilliant. Think of it as if you were cutting rich, bright lipstick - but no composition on your eyes, so they are almost visible. We don't wish that. What we wish is a counterbalanced look, area all elements plan in unison, whether on the face or in the room.

Proper Scale of Statement.

Adding valances to your windows or alleviative them with curtains, is not alike with debauchery it. We are not talking window treatments during the times for Louis IV, if aggregate was over the top, plush, and luxurious. The window treatments charge to accomplish the aforementioned account as the blow of the accoutrement in the room. This account includes: architecture style, color, and concrete proportions. Here, there is no charge to overthink it. If you accept minimalistic décor - don't go with over the top curtains. If your blush bassinet is monochromatic, no charge to accomplish adventurous statements with your curtains.


Every window analysis has its purpose, behindhand of whether the purpose is anatomic or aesthetic. For example, if your primary ambition for accomplishing the window treatments was to block the blaze on the TV, be abiding to argue the able that your alternative will do just that. Similarly, if you're aggravating to abbreviate the actualization of a window treatment, it's a acceptable abstraction to go with shades, not blinds. Accomplish abiding you apperceive the pros and cons of anniversary blazon of treatment. While your alternative may not altogether abode all your requirements, at atomic it will be the optimal one - the one that addresses a lot of of them or those that are a lot of important. How do you apprentice the pros and cons? Research.

So how will you know that the end result is the right one? Your goal is to feel cozy, warm, and soft. You want the room to have the feeling of being pulled together. A sense of being complete. If you at least follow this simple 3-part check list, you'll know you're on the right path.


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