I found out my boyfriend may be proposing soon

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dexchick Posts : 1 Registered: 12/10/12
I found out my boyfriend may be proposing soon
Posted: Dec 10, 2012 8:48 AM

Hi everyone.

Been with my partner for 10 years. We talked about getting married early on in the relationship but never got around to getting engaged because of various things such as losing jobs, not having enough money for a wedding etc. We have not spoken about getting married or engaged for a few years now, he has always said he wanted it to be a suprise.

Anyway, he found a new job last month and finally the money problems we had been having have now gone away.

They gave him clothes to wear at work, he left for work in a rush this morning, and text me to ask if I would wash his work clothes as he will need them tomorrow.

I got his clothes and just before putting them in the washing machine I checked his pockets in his trousers (Its a habit I have had ever since I washed his clothes once and he had left money in the pockets that ended up being put through the washing machine!)

In the pocket of his trousers was a card from a jewelers, on the back of that was some notes he had made about the ring he has chosen, the price of it, how much he had paid off, and I am assuming the date he is about to propose as he wrote the date down and wrote next to it todays the day! etc and a reciept for the ring showing it has been paid off in full. The jewelers is near his new job.

He remembered about it obviously because he sent me another text saying dont wash the clothes just leave them where they are and he would do it when he got home.

I feel terrible because I saw this, I feel like I have ruined it all.

Should I tell him what I saw, Maybe then he could change the date so I wont know when hes going to do it? or should I say nothing?


kalama Posts : 299 Registered: 7/26/12
Re: I found out my boyfriend may be proposing soon
Posted: Dec 10, 2012 9:20 PM Go to message in response to: dexchick

Congratulation,wish I can meet my mr.right as soon as possible!


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