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AlexDemers Posts : 3 Registered: 3/10/12
Posted: Mar 16, 2012 10:50 AM

Lets face it, women are looking for a lean body, sculpted glutes, sexy arms, and a sleek yet curved body. Todays discussion will be all about the glutes and how we can do everything in our power to get them to where you want them to be by the time your wedding roles around. Remember, you are the one walking down the isle and everyone has their eyes glued on you!... and ALL of you. You are the star of the show from front to back.

As a High end personal trainer in NYC I deal with a lot of successful women from the ages of 25-40, looking for every way possible to enhance their "backside". I am constantly asked, "how do i get my butt tighter?", "what can I do to lift "this part" up?", "Should i be doing a lot of squats?", "How do i work on the sides of my butt?" and so on and so on and so on....

And what I have learned through my experience of training is that if these women have these questions, then I am sure there are many other women who have the same questions!

So lets get to it! Firstly, to "tone" up a given muscle, it's all about TENSION! (make sure this word is driven into your head). Many times i have clients ask "is this working my butt?" and i reply (semi sarcastically) "do you feel it there?" The point here is that you want to feel as much tension in the area in which you are trying to work. If you are doing an exercise that is trying to work the glutes and you feel it in more places other than the glutes, then you are definitely not optimizing your time wisely to effectively work the butt.

This leads me to my top 3 most effective exercises for getting the most sculpted, firm glutes of your life! And shockingly, SQUATS ARE NOT ON THE LIST!

1. Stiff Leg Dead lifts
2. Stability ball hamstring curls
3. Deep Lateral Lunges

A great circuit you can do is to rotate through these 3 exercises in consecutive order 4 to 5x at 15 reps a piece.

The number one thing I see most people get wrong is that they aren't working their hamstrings enough. The hamstrings are directly connected to your glutes and if you have weak hamstrings, (from working too much of the front of the leg, i.e doing too many squats, and not enough of the back of the leg, i.e. not doing stiff leg dead lifts) then your glutes will never be able to reach their maximal potential.

NOTE TO TAKE AWAY: When it comes to getting the perfect bridal body, it boils down to how your dress is going to conform to your body. By implementing the exercises I have listed above, you can be assured that you will be one step closer to that goal of reaching the perfect bridal body.

Hope this help! PLease feel free to ask questions!

"The Bridal Body Expert"


DaisySibyl Posts : 19 Registered: 2/8/12
Posted: May 3, 2012 4:35 AM Go to message in response to: AlexDemers

Thank you very much for the useful information!
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