Am I too Short for the Mona Lisa Dress?

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Am I too Short for the Mona Lisa Dress?
Posted: Jan 7, 2011 1:22 PM

Maggie Sottero Mona Lisa Dress- I am currently 5' 1" and plan to purchase the Maggie Sottero Mona Lisa dress. The bridal shop recommended I order it in a petite to take off 3" and I'm planning on wearing about a 2" heel shoe. Does anyone know for that extra three inches that will still be left at the bottom of the dress, if this dress is even going to be possible for me to wear without changing the look of the dress? My biggest worry is when we go to hem those three inches, it'll take away some of the beading and/or change where the corset falls on me!. Help!!!!


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Re: Am I too Short for the Mona Lisa Dress?
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I briefly working in ready to wear clothing production and I believe the same principles would apply here. A petite dress is not the same dress as a regular size dress--the construction and design of the dress is different to accommodate a petite woman. That is, they don't take regular dress and lop three inches off of it willy nilly. The dress is designed to be three inches shorter, so the beading, etc is not in danger of being removed. If you purchase the regular sized dress and had it hemmed say, five inches or something, you'd may run into trouble and probably take off some of the design.

As for the corset, you'd need to speak with the shop and see if the length of the corset will change with the petite size. I'm 5'1 with a short torso--petite clothing generally fits me better because they are designed to accommodate a shorter torso. If you have a long torso that might be an issue. I would think the salon would be able to get the dress measurements, measure your torso, and confirm it will be a good fit.

-Allison, Moderator

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Re: Am I too Short for the Mona Lisa Dress?
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I would assume that a "petite" size wouldn't cut more off the bottom, but instead be raised from the top of the skirt, which is what you would need. When you do your fitting with the dress you can always ask for it to be raised from the top of the skirt, rather than just cutting more off the bottom. That way it would actually fit better, because what is supposed to be at your knees will actually be at your knees, etc. Any seamstress that knows what they're doing would never cut beading off of the bottom like that.

I would share your concerned with your bridal shop. Let them know that you are wearing the 3" heels and see what they say. I also recommend getting their feedback in writing from them, and buying the dress with a credit card, so that if the dress does come in wrong you have everything you need to fix the problem, even if it turns into a huge mess and you want to go to court with it (this will 99% NOT happen, but it's good to have your bases covered)

I think it sounds like the bridal shop knows what they're doing by having you order the petite, but hearing it from them will help you calm your nerves more than the answers you will get here. Call the shop and voice your concerns.

P.S. Beautiful choice on the dress. It's stunning :)
P.P.S. Nice, Allison, we replied at the same time!

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Re: Am I too Short for the Mona Lisa Dress?
Posted: Jan 7, 2011 4:14 PM Go to message in response to: maywedding

Dear May,

" I am currently 5' 1" "

You gave me a good chuckle. You're currently 5'1". I have a hunch you'll stay 5'1" for a good long time.

As for your question: My bridesmaid in my wedding was (still is) very short, probably like you. Her dress had a border print at the hem. Her mother took the dress to an expert seamstress, who shortened the dress by taking the waistline apart and removing fabric there.

The others have given you excellent advice. Discuss the situation, thoroughly, with the bridal gown shop and their alterations expert.

Question: Are you accustomed to 2" heels? If not, do you want to put your feet through torture on W-Day? Think about it. If you know you can wear 2" heels without any trouble, then great.


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