Finally sized!

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BunniBride Posts : 11 Registered: 9/1/08
Finally sized!
Posted: Dec 2, 2010 2:15 AM

I got engaged on the 19th and am actually wearing my ring for the first time! My fiance proposed with the ring and all, however, he bought it the day before he asked me and it was a size 8 when I needed a size 4...

Anyway, we took it to Medawars (we heard it was the least expensive for sizing) to have it sized last Friday. They told me it would take two weeks so imagine my surprise when they called my fiance yesterday saying it was done!

The only weird part was when we asked for the extra gold back when we first went to get it sized. My mother informed me that we should ask for the extra gold back since we could sell it back for a little extra cash. However, when we asked the jeweler to do this she tried to tell us how she would probably "shave" the gold off so there wouldn't be any gold left. Considering the fact that the ring was going from a size 8 to a 4 so a large chunk would be taken out, my fiance asked them to give us the chunk if there was one.

Of course, we got a huge chunk back! I wonder why she acted as if there would be nothing extra after she sized it? Were they trying to cheat us (my mother doesn't think they would) or is this "shaving" thing normal?


HamzicBride Posts : 178 Registered: 12/28/09
Re: Finally sized!
Posted: Dec 17, 2010 6:27 PM Go to message in response to: BunniBride

Congrats on your engagement! it must be so exciting! woot!


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