cowboy boots and veils.

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jessc2010 Posts : 19 Registered: 2/7/10
cowboy boots and veils.
Posted: Sep 1, 2010 2:01 PM

our wedding is outside (weather permitting) and I want to wear flats because I if I wore heels it may get stuck in the grass or something. I am seriously considering switching it up and wearing cowboy boots. I also don't know whether to wear a veil or not. . . . .what if it's windy and it blows all over. any opinions?


Del3 Posts : 113 Registered: 11/1/06
Re: cowboy boots and veils.
Posted: Sep 1, 2010 3:55 PM Go to message in response to: jessc2010

Cowboy boots are simply a personal style issue. They're not my style, so I'd never wear them. But I was at a wedding recently and my friend the bride about toppled into a lake because her heel sunk into the grass. So some type of none stiletto would be good outside. If you don't like a flat or cowboy boot you could also look at any type of wedge dress shoe.

As to the veil, that is entirely up to you and your patience with it blowing around. However, I have seen some really gorgeous photographs of outside weddings with the veil billowing around - it's very dramatic and unique looking. Usually it wouldn't just blow into your face; it'd just stick to your back before it did that.


auntofthebride Posts : 9,354 Registered: 4/2/06
Re: cowboy boots and veils.
Posted: Sep 1, 2010 6:02 PM Go to message in response to: jessc2010

Dear Jess,

Common sense tells you to dress appropriately for the surroundings. Wear shoes that work on the ground where you will be walking. Wear headgear that won't go flying off if it gets a bit windy.

I wrote a message thread about why wear uncomfortable clothes. You might want to have a look at that.


KellyAmiri Posts : 29 Registered: 7/25/10
Re: cowboy boots and veils.
Posted: Sep 1, 2010 7:18 PM Go to message in response to: auntofthebride

For the veil, you could always have a fail safe. A small loop or two on the veil that could loop onto the back of your dress in case of a windy day (say onto a button or other small point of attachment), and would be too inconspicuous to notice if it's not windy. Experimentation would be required of course, and it may not work with every veil and dress, but is merely something to consider.

As for the boots, it sounds both practical and fun!


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