flower girl dress

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2bmel2010 Posts : 26 Registered: 10/7/07
flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 4:35 PM

So I have my dress, the MOH & BMs dresses. Now I need to look for the flower girl dress, who happens to be my 4 year old cousin. I've talked to my aunt 7 know what kind of dresses she likes to get. For those who had a flower girl(s), were their dress(es) similar to yours, the BMs, or different all together? White/ivory/etc with a colored sash or the opposite? TIA.


dodgercpkl Posts : 130 Registered: 9/27/09
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 4:46 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

My flower girl's dress will be different from both my dress and my maids dresses. My maids dresses will all be royal blue and my flower girl will be in sky blue. I know it's a growing trend to have the flower girl in a dress that mimics the brides, but I feel my nearly 6 year old niece should LOOK 6 years old rather then try to mimic me. And we went with a lighter blue for her because she is an Angels "fan" (i.e. she doesn't really know what a fan is but she likes one of the outfits they had in pink so now she's a fan) and is very worried that I'm going to try and force her to wear Dodgers colors. lol


PharmToxGirl Posts : 5,446 Registered: 8/30/07
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 5:09 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

My BM dresses were in a gray/blue color and my 2 FG dresses were white with a sash in the same gray/blue.

First of all, I felt that the gray/blue color was almost too old for them AND I wanted them in a dress with wide shoulder straps, etc - ie not in a strappy dress more appropriate for someone older.

Also, make sure that the fabric of the FG dress is not scratchy under the arms. When my FGs tried dresses on, they complained about that with a couple of dresses. My Mom and aunt made their dresses for my wedding - but we made sure to use fabric that was soft and non-irritating.

The last thing you need is a fidgety chlid in a scratchy dress.





cyndi33 Posts : 2,585 Registered: 1/3/07
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 7:21 PM Go to message in response to: PharmToxGirl

My FG wore an ivory dress and I had my seamstress attach a sash that matched the sash on my dress. My BMs wore black, and I didn't want my 6 year old FG in a black dress. And, she wanted a bride type dress, so, I picked one that I thought she would like. THat was easier because when she tried them on she liked them all, and I didn't want anything hugely poofy or frilly. We had tights for her, which she did say were itchy, but we forgot to bring them so she didn't wear them. I also got a pink short shawl/sweater for her that she wore later on. Oh, and fake pearl necklace to match mine. She picked that out. And a tiara, she also picked that out.

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mrscreamer2be Posts : 153 Registered: 6/14/09
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 9:41 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

I actually didn't get to see the flower girl dress till the day of the wedding. My 6 year old little sister was our flower girl. She wore a dress very similar to mine (ivory, poofy with pickups). It looked really cute. It all depends on what you want to do.


TheeBride Posts : 130 Registered: 1/17/10
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 27, 2010 9:46 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

Ironically, we purchased the flower girl dress today from JC Penny. I love it and I'm shocked at what we paid. It's made by Cinderella and is originally $70 but was marked for $30 so we go to pay for it and it rings up as $13!! I couldn't believe it, best $13 purchase of the year hands down - LOL!

Anyway, can't hurt to check them out...good luck and congrats :o)

This is the dress we purchased but I couldn't find it on the JC Penny website:


These are the dresses from JC Penny's site:




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2bmel2010 Posts : 26 Registered: 10/7/07
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Apr 28, 2010 11:12 AM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

I would do a sash however it would ruin the lines & look of our dresses.

OMG, the purple dress with pickups is almost kind of what i'm looking for & the 3rd girl is TOTALLY Miss Sass, lol.
Thx all.


TheBriarPatch Posts : 15 Registered: 3/26/10
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: May 20, 2010 9:31 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

Hello: The flower girl does not need to match anyone in your bridal party nor your wedding gown. Traditionally, the flower girl is in a white dress. Today, flower girls will wear all sorts of colors and can even select accessories with accent colors (such as sashes and floral decorations).

Here are some simple guidelines:
1.) As she is the smallest and most demure female in the wedding party, flower girls are most often in white or ivory...or a pale shade of the wedding color. A response above mentions the bridesmaids were in a brighter blue and the flower girl dress was pale blue.
2.) Often, the flower girl dress is selected to have only one or two things in common with the wedding gown: color and one style element (maybe pick-up tufts in the skirt, a similar neckline, or coordinating lace accents). This is not necessary, just what we notice as most common at our own specialty apparel store.
3.) If there is no chance of matching any details and perfect color match is of little concern, go with a simple dress in white or ivory. Ivory if the bridal gown is ivory. White works for either an ivory or white bridal gown.
4.) To match bridesmaids' gowns perfectly, you will most likely need to order a flower girl dress at the same time as the bridesmaids' gowns. Matching material and color off the rack is near impossible.

I hope that helps? Again, just basic guidelines and observations.

Good Luck! Post a picture when you find the perfect flower girl dress.

Pat at www.shopbriarpatch.com

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PAuLMA Posts : 9 Registered: 6/9/10
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Jun 16, 2010 10:14 AM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

The parent's of the flower girl got her dress at David*Bridal(don't want to spam). The colors tied in with the bridesmaid dresses and it looked perfect. In our album link below there is THE perfect shot of it in thumbnail #8.

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crystalgirl Posts : 4 Registered: 5/28/10
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Jun 16, 2010 10:33 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

Personally,A 4 years old girl is so cute to have a dress with a big bow sash. The bride, flowergirl and bridesmaid dresses should have diferent color to contrast with the the bride's dress. The pink flowergirl dress is popular for most children.


swtcheeeks Posts : 6 Registered: 6/24/10
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Jun 29, 2010 2:29 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

You could get a solid colored dress for your flower girls with a sash that matches your wedding colors

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wzq103 Posts : 1,190 Registered: 9/11/12
Re: flower girl dress
Posted: Sep 20, 2012 2:39 PM Go to message in response to: 2bmel2010

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