How To Spot A Bridezilla

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April2010Bride Posts : 134 Registered: 4/26/09
Re: How To Spot A Bridezilla
Posted: Feb 17, 2010 3:41 AM Go to message in response to: EWF

What's so original, or 'Bridezilla', about a candy buffet? I'm having one at my reception, so the kids will have something fun to take home. Besides that, it's a nice addition to the color pallette. I'm neither bitchy, nor bridezilla-y. Everything's going very smoothly for me, as a matter of fact. I haven't yelled at anyone - yet.

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VšnTillBruden Posts : 353 Registered: 1/16/10
Re: How To Spot A Bridezilla
Posted: Mar 16, 2010 4:10 PM Go to message in response to: FrancieElaine

Okay, I actually wrote a blog a month or two ago on my personal website about a friend who is becoming a Bridezilla (and only getting worse by the day *:-/ ). Names have been changed for privacy. I'm going to copy and paste it for you guys:

As some of you may know, one of my girlfriends from _______(insert VänTilBruden's old school's name here)_____, Alyssa, recently got engaged. If you know
that, then you also know she has been driving me up the wall as a
bride-to-be-zilla. Basic rundown of the situation:

  • Alyssa IMs me, asking my advice on how to ger her boyfriend to
    propose to her, but let her pick out the ring. "I love him, but I don't
    trust his judgement in jewelry." Okay, fair enough. Some guys are
    completely on a different planet when it comes to style, and/or some
    girls are incredibly picky. Said couples are probably better off going
    this route anyway. So, we sit and have a little chat about it. Little
    chat meaning two hours of her explaining to me why she would hate any
    ring he'd pick out himself. I end up just IMing her boyfriend, Mike
    (who I already knew was thinking about proposing to begin with, and had been asking me to help him pick a ring) and
    saying "Just buy her a Ring Pop and propose with that. Then tell her
    you want her to pick out the ring herself." Well, he does (although, to
    my dismay, no Ring Pop!), and Alyssa is over the moon. End of story?

  • Alyssa IMs me again, a day or two later, asking me if I would mind
    looking through "a few" rings online with her, and giving my critique.
    I, being a girl with a passion for shopping, and a love for all things
    "wedding", agree. Two hours, and 153 links, later, I'm starting to lose
    my patience. I have never seen someone so picky about a ring in my
    entire life! Granted, she will be wearing this ring for the rest of her
    married life, but this was ridiculous. Imagine over 90 rings, all of
    which look the exact same, but hearing nothing but "Oh, there
    are four prongs on this ring, I only want three," or "That diamond is a
    little too cloudy (does she not realize that you buy a setting and a
    diamond seperately, and the pic she is looking at is just an example,
    and not, in fact, the actual ring she will get?)," and "I wouldn't want
    a vintage ring, I'd be afraid someone had died in it (does she also not
    realize that "vintage" is a new ring inspired by an old design, and
    what she is talking about is an "antique" ring?)," etc. That's how my
    two hours went. So, after trying to explain a few things to her, out
    comes the Bride-to-be-Zilla again. She chews me out and says I'm not
    being supportive. I tell her that I want to be helpful, but I refuse to
    participate until she gets an attitude check.

  • Alyssa ignores me for a few days, and finally IMs me last night to
    apologize for her behavior. The conversation goes something like...
    Alyssa apologizes. I accept. Alyssa explains that she has picked out a
    ring that both she and Mike love, and shows the final product to me. I
    congratulate her and tell her I think it's a lovely ring (which I do, I
    just wouldn't want a ring like that for myself). She and I change the
    subject briefly, only for Alyssa to abruptly ask why I hated all of the
    rings the other night. I explained to her that I didn't hate any of the
    rings, and that what I had a problem with was the way she nitpicked, asked for my opinion, and then
    refused to take any constructive advice or corrections from me (I.E.
    the entire Vintage VS. Antique debate. For the record, she is still
    convinced they mean the exact same thing and will not hear otherwise,
    so I just gave up). Completely overlooking what I had just said, she
    asks me to pick out a few rings online that are more "my" style, so she
    can compare/try to make heads or tails of my apparent hatred of her
    jewelry. So, I find a few links, and send them to her. Alyssa proceeds
    to tear each ring apart ("Why wouldn't you want a classic diamond?
    Colored gems look so tacky, it's like something out of the 80's."
    "Yellow gold? Yuck! White gold is so much cleaner looking, I just
    couldn't wear a ring if it were yellow gold. This was exactly why I
    worried about Mike picking my ring." etc.), and tell me I have very,
    for lack of a better term, trashy taste.I tell her exactly where she
    can shove that opinion, and she ignores me for a good hour or two. She
    IMs me again, apologizing for being so "brash", and asks if I can
    possibly help her with something more constructive (and less style
    oriented): the budget. Now, that I can do. So, I talk with her about
    her approximate guest list size, what kind of venue she wants, what
    kind of dresses she will want for her and her bridesmaids, all that
    nuptial jazz). We come up with a rough sum estimate, and I email the
    budget outline to her.

  • This morning, before leaving for school, I get an email from Alyssa
    saying she's changed her mind about something on the budget, and I need
    to IM her "asap". I'm almost banging my head on the dining table as I
    write this. I don't think I have the guts (let alone the patience) to
    get online today! *:P

The girl, Alyssa, is normally a total sweetheart. I can't wrap my mind around why she's going this nuts. Weddings do crazy things to people...

Love me when I least deserve it, because that is when I need it the most. (Swedish proverb)


StarlitHolly Posts : 47 Registered: 2/23/10
Re: How To Spot A Bridezilla
Posted: Mar 17, 2010 5:25 AM Go to message in response to: VšnTillBruden

Wow, Van, that would be so frustrating!
Luckily for me all the girls I know who are getting married are being pretty level-headed about the whole thing - or at least it seems like they are.
I do think that my one friend being upset that they can't have two weddings (one in her hometown, one in his) is a little silly, since they've been broke their whole relationship! But she recovered fast and is going to have the coolest, gothic/metal inspired wedding ever!

21. Canadian. Stay-At-Home Wife. Living in Hawaii.


jackson132 Posts : 1,623 Registered: 9/13/12
Re: How To Spot A Bridezilla
Posted: Sep 14, 2012 5:13 AM Go to message in response to: FrancieElaine

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