wedding ceremony

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Re: wedding ceremony
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I am currently married, my husband and I got married last year at our local court house due to having a child together. We never had a get together or a bridal shower, or any of that stuff. We are wanting to plan a big wedding, church and reception, like a normal wedding would be like but are unsure if that is dumb, just wanting some opinions on it.....Thanks!

Another thought............would it be wrong to have a bridal shower too???

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I think that it's a wonderul idea. My Husband to be was in Desert Storm/SHield so we are now having the wedding we always wanted but never had.

I say go for it. It's not dumb. And yes, you should have a bridal shower.


Lilmnd Posts : 1 Registered: 6/17/09
Re: wedding ceremony
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I am also married and have been for 2 years. I got married due to the fact I needed insurance and did not qualify for state aid. I myself and having a wedding on my 5 year anniversary and we are treating it just like it was my first time. U can do whatever you like. Its your day. All of my family totally support me wanting to have a wedding again. Yes it will be my renewal but everyone knows it will be treated as my first time. I am having 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. If u want to have a bridal party go for it. I wish I could have had it but I was rushed into the marriage and now I regret it


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Re: wedding ceremony
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I too am doing the same. We have been together going on 7yrs and 2yrs of marriage. The reason why we didnt go through with it at the time was financial reasons and my ex's was planning his wedding during the time we wanted to have ours. But now that's over with, we decided to finally have it in july. But I'm having troubles on how to word our invitations. Any suggestions? Well we shouldn't worry about our big event right? Like everyone is saying have some fun..I know I'm trying to and so far, I'm getting a little excited about the whole thing.


JayKayinlove Posts : 33 Registered: 1/22/09
Re: wedding ceremony
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hehe I'm doing much the same thing also 'there are a lot of us recently I think.

ps showers wheather before or after the wedding or any other type of shower is thrown for you if somebody else doesn't do it for you then your not really getting one thats what a shower is like a presant in party form.. i know it sucks i was heart broken when my mom, sister nor bestfriend bothered to throw me one wheather we were going to have a big wedding later or not. so yeah you can have one if somebody else throws you one. others may feel differantly but thats the etiquette thumb rule on showers and what i was told. but each thier own


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Re: wedding ceremony
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I got married to my husband in March 08 in Las vegas on our way to take our then 1 year old daughter to disney land. We came home and had a reception in May 08 and Now I am planning our big Church Wedding and Reception.

We have been together for 7 years this May 2010

Do what you feel you want to do. Why not go for it if you have the money!

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