Hurt Either Way: Update

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Hurt Either Way: Update
Posted: Nov 29, 2009 6:57 PM

Hi ladies! I want to thank all those who responded to my thread about a year ago and let you know that your support at the time meant the world to me! The variety of opinions was very helpful. I just thought I would let those interested know how it's going.

I ended up giving him a semi-ultimatum. I decided when our 1 year lease was up at the end of the summer to to look for a place for myself but not "break up" with him. I started the process of looking and he realized how important this was to me and that just living together for eternity was not acceptable to me. So he thought a lot about it and we have had many heartfelt discussions (not nagging!) to get to the root of his hesitation. We moved into a new place together at the end of the lease. I know this sounds like it probably didn't change much, but it did. He knew I was serious and started placing more importance on it. He DID know and tell me over and over previously that he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life, but this seemed to give him the push he needed. It led us having the conversations we needed to have. Now he wants to get engaged! He just needed the push and plus some extra time to work out his own personal issues about engagement and marriage. He wanted to for Christmas, but I'm having trouble deciding on a ring (I know it's silly!). But it feels strong that it will happen for us in the future and because he wants to. I am getting the vibe that he is "ready" though it will take us some time to work out the fine details (i.e. the ring).

Thank you so much for you help and support. I'm sure I will be here more as time goes on!

You are such an unusually supportive group and I love reading the threads.


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