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klmhek Posts : 27 Registered: 9/23/09
Posted: Nov 19, 2009 10:40 AM

Hi girls! Since my dad is paying for most of my wedding, I'd like to do my part by cutting costs when at all possible.. Which will be fun because I love a challenge!

We have a wholesale flower place nearby, and my cousin who is very creative (and has alot of free time) will be making my flowers for me.. I'm going to show her pictures of what I want and let her do her thing! I completely trust her, so I'm really excited :)

So that part is crossed off my list.. But I was wondering what other DIY stuff yall have done for YOUR weddings! Our colors are citrus-fruit related.. Pink, coral, yellow, orange, with a tiny bit of green. I know that I want to incorporate grape fruit into my decor because I love the color. I don't want flowers as centerpieces, I was thinking of fruit or candles or something like that.

But thats about it.. So please post pictures, ideas, thoughts, advice, anything! I want to see what yall have done or plan to do.. Or if any of you have any ideas for me! :)

Thanks! Post away!

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Mandi1983 Posts : 13 Registered: 10/12/09
Re: DIYers...
Posted: Nov 19, 2009 11:27 AM Go to message in response to: klmhek

One thing I am doing on my own and saving A LOT of money with is any sort of invites/programs etc. I found DIY kits at our local dollar store. They are the exact same kits that Michael's or JoAnn's sells only for a fraction of the price. I got a box that makes 40 invites for $5. I also bought matching Tri-Fold Program kits and Thank You Cards there too!

I created an album with three images so you can see the examples.

By designing my own I am saving A TON of money, and I can make everything coordinate by using the same clipart and font on everything I produce for the wedding.

I am also making matching Table Numbers, Escort Cards, Menus, and since we are doing Charitable Donations for each guest as favors I am making matching Bookmarks that explain that as well.

The brand of my stationary is Wilton, they have templates on that you can use in MS Word to make sure that your margins are correct. Very helpful!


Bride2008 Posts : 3,058 Registered: 3/28/06
Re: DIYers...
Posted: Nov 19, 2009 11:29 AM Go to message in response to: klmhek

I love the idea of corporating fruit tones into the colors and centerpieces.I think it will look beautiful and very unique. And kudos for you to looking for ways to cut costs. I had a few DIY projects and they are a great way to save money.

Fruit themes placecard holder
shop home image

Candle and fruit combo...

An awesome way to incorporate fruit into the cake. I love the one on the right.

A great fruit centerpieces with just a little bit of flowers thrown in...

Another fruit centerpiece with a few flowers. Maybe the small pots could act as favors.

Straight fruit centerpiece. You could do this with limes, lemons and tangerines to add more color.



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jeaniebelle87 Posts : 137 Registered: 11/23/07
Re: DIYers...
Posted: Nov 19, 2009 3:12 PM Go to message in response to: klmhek

I love DIY projects of all sorts!
A friend and I are doing my flowers (mostly just gerbera daisies).
I'm not doing floral centerpieces either, so instead I'm getting cake stands from married relatives of myself and FH, and then I'm going to print little tags and attach them to the stand with ribbon saying the names and wedding date of the people we borrowed the stand from (ei, Grandma James and Grandpa James- June 1, 1950). Then I'm either going to have a small cake or petit fours on each of the stands.
I'm also making my own invites. I bought blank card stock, cut it to the size I wanted and then made a block print design and have been block printing one side of each invite. The other side will have a piece of vellum with all the information printed on it, and the vellum will be attached with a ribbon at the top. I think they're turning out really cute.
I'm also planning to make our programs, place cards, and thank you cards.
My grandma and I are making flower girl dresses for my two little nieces.
I'm probably going to make jewelry for my bridesmaids as a gift as well.
I guess this list sort of sounds like a lot to do, but I'm spreading it out over a lot of time, and I'm good at recruiting friends to help with stuff like this. Really, all you need to do is say there will be food and a movie if you come help me tie ribbons on stuff, and lots of people become willing to help! That's my biggest DIY advice: find friends to help you out (but don't expect them to do things FOR you; I always do a few examples and decide exactly how I want something to look, and then I recruit friends to come over and work on it WITH me).
Good luck!!


CatStandish Posts : 2,766 Registered: 6/20/08
Re: DIYers...
Posted: Nov 19, 2009 11:16 PM Go to message in response to: klmhek

We DIYd a LOT:


Michaels... we also got a wax seal and used a glue gun wax for that seal effect.

Our logo (see the invite above -- you'll see our logo)

Altar Decoration:

Frames / Aisle Decorations:

((And yes, these really are made completely from scratch, from sculpting the design, to casting the mold, to pouring, painting and making the backs)

This is how they looked in the church:

The candle was actually a last minute DIY by my aunt who was bored while we set up. I loved how it came out. (You can see my altar decoration in the back) We gave the frames to the members of our wedding party)

Groom's "Cake"

(My DH is the crafty one)

Table decorations:

I made the candle, DH made the CDs, I made the toasting glass (wine glasses from dollar tree, floral thingies from Hobby Lobby)

Here is an unlit picture of the candle

(in our wedding colors)

Guest bathroom Soap:

Out of Town guests got a bigger one in their welcome bag:

The box we placed our Handfasting Cords in:

The light ceiling (Those leaves had to be tied to the string and to the lights...and hung up in a specific manner)

(you can also see the candles here)
Table number plaques are visible)

Place Cards

I also hand embellished my veil:

Our Programs -- we did those too, but I don't have pictures of them.

And we wrote our own ceremony.



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