Meal or hors d'oeuvres?

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PharmToxGirl Posts : 5,446 Registered: 8/30/07
Re: Meal or hors d'oeuvres?
Posted: Nov 17, 2009 8:13 PM Go to message in response to: ChelsRae85

Cat didn't cook anything for her wedding Chels. In fact, her DH was going to and she nixed the idea. (I think it was something like that.) I was at one wedding that was potluck and that was great. But another one where a friend cooked for the couple - I was there as a guest and ended up working the entire wedding because one guy couldn't do it. (And my DH and another friend had to make 2 runs to WalMart to pick stuff up that they forgot - DURING the reception.) I had fun, but I KNEW I didn't want to do that.

I think that, as you stated, when you have a large group who does the cooking and the couple don't have to worry about the cooking then it can work.

But I wouldn't want to have been worried about me trying to cook and get married. Ugh. LOL





ChelsRae85 Posts : 371 Registered: 5/16/09
Re: Meal or hors d'oeuvres?
Posted: Nov 17, 2009 8:19 PM Go to message in response to: PharmToxGirl

LOL well maybe I need to learn to read correctly then. HA!

in any case, it definitely could be stressful. I think it would take a highly organized couple to pull it off. And yeah, big families help. :)
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happydefiant1 Posts : 223 Registered: 7/9/09
Re: Meal or hors d'oeuvres?
Posted: Nov 18, 2009 9:33 AM Go to message in response to: ChelsRae85


I can definitely understand if family wanted to pitch how DIY catering could work. I do have a good sized family who cook well. And, I have been to many catered events where the food wasn't as great as I expected. It always has a 'catery' taste, if that even makes sense. IDK, maybe its all in my head ;)

The caterer is having a tasting event in February which we're gonna attend. But, she owns a cafe in our community and FH and I have eaten there several times and her food is delicious. She has a small establishment and I like the idea of supporting our growing community.

We may still incorporate some DIY items. FH just informed me that he wants fried pickles!!! I might make a plate special just for him.

Thanks for book rec!!

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delmarplatinumb... Posts : 33 Registered: 5/29/09
Re: Meal or hors d'oeuvres?
Posted: Nov 27, 2009 5:26 PM Go to message in response to: happydefiant1

Please please please if they are around the same price, serve a full meal for the reception. You are having it at the peak dinner time where most people eat dinner. It is not really fair to only serve hors d'oeuvres even if it is heavy. Again it is fine to have an hors d'oeuvres reception of it is in the afternoon. Because for most people, they eat the heaviest meal at dinner. It doesnt matter how heavy the hors d'oeuvres are, it is not a full meal replacement. I mean, when I invite people over to my house during prime dinner time, I wouldn't even dream of not serving them a meal. It seems rude that I tell them to take time out of their schedule during dinner time, yet Im not willing to serve them dinner. I have been to many weddings of all types. The hors d'oeuvres weddings were a big hit, but only if it was around lunch, midafternoon. When it was an hors d'oeuvres wedding during peak dinner time, which is usually from 6pm-9pm, people did not stay around very long, because most did not get enough food to fill them up to last a night.


Stephorse Posts : 138 Registered: 1/31/08
Re: Meal or hors d'oeuvres?
Posted: Nov 27, 2009 6:30 PM Go to message in response to: happydefiant1

I personally would expect and want a meal, but those do sound like harty hors d' euvres. You could maybe also add a dessert buffet thing? It would add a little something more than just hors d'oevurves. Especially if you're going to have an open bar you want to make sure that people are eating enough so you either need to have lots of hors d'oeuvres or a meal. That would be my sugguestion.


happydefiant1 Posts : 223 Registered: 7/9/09
Re: Meal or hors d'oeuvres?
Posted: Nov 30, 2009 12:33 PM Go to message in response to: Stephorse

So, I got the bid back from the caterer. I can't believe she had time to put it together during the Thanksgiving holiday! She quoted me several meal type items but in appetizer servings; i.e. bacon wrapped chicken, beef tenderloins, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, crab stuffed cream puffs, fried pickles especially for FH etc. She also mentioned adding a sides station with salad and rice and veggies. So, it will be more of a buffet with single servings.... I guess that's what she's getting at. However, FH and I do nott want a buffet layout. We don't like the grazing. I know it can be done nicely, but its just not what we're going for. So, we're probably gonna do a sit down meal with an appetizer, salad and meal. But, not a dessert buffet or dessert option. We're having cake. That's the dessert. I never understood why people do a dessert and wedding cakes. Maybe its cause I'm not big on sweets?? Our caterer is doing a tasting in January and we're gonna solidify our choices and decide between sit down and hor d'oeuvres at that time. At least we have options and I'll keep y'alls recommendations in mind!!

Thanks ladies!!
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